Updated resume format 2017

Seems like it’s a good time to update your resume 2017. And when you are thinking about it, there are some questions in your head, which you definitely don’t know how to solve. The first one is like is like – how the updated resume 2017 looks like? And another one is like – What exactly you should include to your resume to get it looks professionally.

So, today we’re going to discuss these questions above and would help you to find the answers. Before we start – we would like to ask you to concentrate on your goal. And the goal is only one – to get the job this year and win the competition. Thanks God, we get the really amazing book about how to write an outstanding resume. We’re not going to tell you the whole book below, but we decided to get the most valued advices and get a short list. So, here we GO!

Updated resume format 2017

Resume format 2017

Updated resume format 2017

Resume format 2017

Updated resume format 2017

Resume format 2017

Updated resume format 2017

Resume format 2017

How updated resume 2017 looks like. 6 FACTS

Show them the value they could get. It’s important!

As we have already mentioned in our previous posts, your resume 2017 is a kind of a marketing document, which helps you to pay hiring managers attention to the most valuable details. And you should know what to include to your resume and what parts should be definitely be removed at all.

Professional resume is not about how to retell your life story, it’s more about how to show the value you could bring if they would like to hire you.

So, what is your goal here. You should remember that your resume is a kind of document, which helps you to sell your candidacy. Expertise, accomplishments, education.. It’s all the stuff you need to include to your updated resume 2017. Don’t know how to how to format your resume? You MUST read a post about how professional resume format 2017 looks like.

Keywords in your resume 2017

It’s the most interesting fact, but still – keywords helps hiring manager to somehow understand the professional level of the candidate and let them make the right decision. But not only the hiring managers scanning your resume. Before they do – ATS systems do that before the resume would even be in HR’s incoming e-mail folder.

Why ATS? There are tons of different candidates and all of them are looking for some jobs. Sometimes, not all of them are even reading the job descriptions, before they attach and apply their resume to hiring managers. As result – HR spend tons of time, scanning not relevant candidates and trying to sort them. Applicant tracking system solve such issue and make their life easier.

BUT how ATS works? It’s a program, which is able to scan your resume and understand if your are relevant candidate or not. Hiring manager just adding some keywords, binding them to the specific job ad and waiting till the relevant candidates would appear in their mailbox. SO, keywords are really important.

SMALL TIP – Read more how you could optimize your resume for ATS.

IMPRESS. Show your “WOW”

Have you ever seen how hiring managers are scanning candidates resumes? Do you know how much time an average hiring manager needs to scan a resume and understand if the candidates even worth to be invited for an interview or not?

We know answers on such questions. It’s up to ten seconds needed for experienced hiring manager to make the right decision. And all you can do here to attract more attention – IMPRESS. What do we mean, when we are talking about impression? We are talking about some “Anchor” facts and results.

What could it be and where you should include them:

There are many ways on how you could do that in your updated resume 2017, but still there are some rules, which could help you to stand out from a crowd. Depends on the best resume format you are going to choose, you need to understand that:

  1. “WOW” factors could be your resume achievements. And it’s really important to include them on the top of your CV 2017.
  2. Career Objective – another good opportunity to let them be interested in your candidacy.
  3. Cover letter – Write an outstanding CL and impress them.

Update your resume on the regular basis

The main problem of all the job seekers is that they are starting to update their resume solely before they starting their job search. And it’s a completely bad practice. You could ask why, because seems like all the facts and details are already in your resume.

The most interesting facts is that you need to do it regularly, to keep your resume 2017 updated all the time. You have got a new certificate – open your resume file and include such information. It would not get you much time, but at the end result, you will got a completely updated resume.

Let them feel the power

Writing a resume, you should remember that hiring manager would going to read it. And you should be ready to explain some facts they way it would be easy for them to understand.

  • Quantify your achievements. If you increase some metrics, show that in numbers. Do not just tell that in words.
  • Result over process. Do not tell them in your duties what you have been doing there. Better show them some facts.

Anyway, let them understand why you are the best candidate to gain that position.

Professional resume templates 2017

Resume content matters, but professional resume templates could tell a bit more about the level of candidate that content in your resume. That’s why you should pay more attention to your resume template.

Structured information – is the key to success. HR’s are busy people, they hate mess in unprofessional resumes. And it’s you another good chance to update your resume 2017 with and outstanding resume template this year!

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