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What do you think about before you sit and start trying to write your resume 2017? Looks like nothing interesting in your thoughts, Yeah? Yes. And it’a huge problem for the most job seekers who started to write the resumes and ends with that activity after 10-15 minutes. Why? Because writing a resume it’s not an easy task for any candidate. You should know a lot of things, like how to write or what should you include and so on.

Most of us give up. Only because we don’t know how resume 2017 should looks like. Stop it!

Most of websites would offer you special resume writing services. You would need to spend around $100 bucks for resume, which would be written by somebody, who even don’t know you. And that is what should you pay for? We don’t think so. We are here to help you understand all the resume writing approaches from the beginning. Before you will continue reading our post, the is only one thing we’d like to you to remember – latest resume format.

Best Resume Format 2017: Myth or Reality

Before we start talking about the latest resume format and which one is better to use in your case and which is better to use for a specific speciality. We want to clarify the real meaning of what the resume format is.

Why Resume Format 2017 Differs

The first and the most important thing you should remember about any resume format is: It’s not about design, it’s about how well your resume structured, hiding your gaps and stress your strength. Remember it! Any resume is a kind of selling document, the main goal of such document is to get a “ticket” for an interview. And that’s what you should know about the real goal of any latest CV format.

To keep it in you mind, remember what is real value of any resume format:

  1. It helps you to structure all the information in your resume, according to the latest resume rules 2017.
  2. Easy to navigate and brings you more chances to be read, compared with tons of other resumes without any formatting.
  3. Easy to remember. If your resume was written well and it’s to navigate – you have more chances to get a call, answering some clarification questions.
  4. You are not just an average US job seeker, who wrote some stupid things using MS Word. You are experienced candidate, who can write and know how resume 2017 looks like.
  5. You have more chances to pass through any ATS. And it’s the trend now, and more and more companies are going to use this technologies to make recruitment business processes easier.

So, while you have already read all the information above, you could ask us the most common question all the readers do: “Ok, what CV format 2017 should I use to get an interview?” And today we’re going talk a little bit about different formats and what attributes the best resume format 2017 should have. And here we go!

The Best Resume Format 2017 INCLUDES

Before we start explaining how to format your resume, it’s a good idea to tell you what should your resume include, according to the best practices. It’s not a list of rules you should follow. It’s more about what a professional resume should contain and it looks like.

And we have prepared a list of things your resume 2017 should include:

Contact details. Your resume is a marketing document, which would help you to get the job, in case hiring manager would find the way on how to contact you. But how could hiring managers contact you, if they couldn’t easily find your contact details? Would it be the good resume or just a piece of paper, useless for both sides – you and your potential employer? It wouldn’t. That’s why you need to remember where and how to place your contact details right way, and help your reader easily find them in case they would need to contact you easily. Do not lose your chance, because of somebody can’t find on how to contact you and put your resume into trash box.

Show your value. Are you going to buy an expensive car, which doesn’t work? Looks like – no! Because you can’t understand what are you going to pay for. And it’s normal situation. The same story is about hiring staff.

How do you think, which candidate has more chances to get an invitation from a hiring manager:

  1. Candidate A. He/She wrote about processes and duties. Overwrite daily responsibilities and placed some general phrases.
  2. Candidate B. Started his/her resume with real achievements and list them into resume. Used measurable result to show success, which is not hard to understand for any HR, which is going to read resume.

And, as you understood, more chances will get the “B” candidate. Not because he is stronger or weaker. Because he knows how to sell himself/herself. Writing a resume, you should understand that resume achievements – it’s a kind of tool, which could boost your chances to get an invitation. But only, if you know how to list them right.

Education. How to list it. Is not a trend anymore across the hiring manager to pay attention to what unversity degree do you have and what is your GMAT score. But you should keep in your mind that some hiring managers are looking for the candidates with a specific degree and if you would like to increase your chances to be found by a specific degree – it’s a good option to add it in your resume.

What else could be useful for hiring manager and you could place in education block? Another important information in your resume education section is – Certificates. Do you have any? If yes – it’s a must have thing you should include to your CV.

How it could help you? It could help your potential employer understand that you are not regular job seeker, who is looking for a job and not ready to invest his/her own time in self-development. Are you still hesitant to include certificates to your resume? Do it and show that you are the candidate, who is ready to gain new knowledges and open minded for anything new.

Resume layout. We saw too many cases, when a really good candidate suddenly appears his/her resume in HR’s trash pile. AND it was only because their resumes wasn’t able to read – there were too many reasons we would like to talk about:

  1. Your resume must be well-organized. It’s the first thing you should do, before you start crafting your CV. Even you are the best specialist in a specific field – you could easily lose your chance, if HR would not be able to read it. What should you do? The best solution here is – latest resume templates. Already structured and well-organised resume samples, which would help you with organising an information across your resume and contains some useful keywords or buzzwords.
  2. Using attention attracting tricks. Writing a resume, you should remember about such things like: bullets, fonts, colors. Using them in effective way – would not only increase your chances, but would let hiring manager remember your candidacy.
  3. Do not use to creative resume template, if you’re not designer or UX designer, where you would need to show your graphic skills. Anyway, you have a portfolio section and you could place a link over there.

Mistakes kills you. Do you have grammar or spelling mistakes in your resume? If no – it’s cool. If yes – it’s a really bad case. Your resume – it’s a kind of marketing document, which help you to get an interview and would help you during an interview to sell your candidacy as high, as it possible. So, when HR find any mistake, doesn’t matter spelling or grammar – he/she understood that you are not serious about the job you’d like to get.

Writing a resume – it’s a kind of usual activity for you, the same as to get a new job – like nothing special. It’s not an approach, which would bring you a well-paid job.

What Resume Format 2017 Is The Best?

Stop reading different web sources, where you could find huge amount of information, saying how useless resume format could be. It’s not true and it was written by some unprofessional writers, who are not able to understand how important it is. What are the first things you do, when you decided to write a resume? YES – you should understand which resume format would works for you and will stand you out from a crowd.

Resume formats. There are tons of ways on how you could write your resume. The main purpose of any resume format – is to let HR understand who you are and attract attention just in seconds.

So, if you would like to show a professionally-made resume, you 100% need to know how to write resume 2017. Before you will start, you need to understand what sections in your resume you would like to stress and what you would like to hide. Based on this information, you will be able to choose the best resume format 2017, based on your needs.

The Latest Resume Formats list

Functional resume format 2017
Targeted resume format 2017
Student resume format 2017
Alternative resume format 2017
Hybrid Resume Format 2017
Combination resume format 2017
Chronological Resume Format 2017

Based on what information you need to show and what information you would like to stress – see the most common resume formats above and the one, you need. You should remember that each format is unique and should be used solely to reach your main goal – get an interview. So, be patient and get the one, which would suit you the best.

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