Some facts about how to target 2017 resume

How to increase your chances to get employed

The main problem of all job seekers – they want to get well-paid job now and do not bring any affords instead. It’s not about this World. If you would like to get something and the way you need, you should spend a little bit more time crafting your 2017 resume and be prepared if it could be not the only one variant.

Frequently asked question: “Should I use one resume or it’s better to prepare more?”

We have already answered many times, but let’s do that another one time. Let’s try to think the way hiring managers do. If you are the hiring manager – your main goal is to close vacant position as fast as you could, based on the position budget. You spend your time for a job interviews. STOP here. How do you think, who will be invited on interview? Only candidates with the most relevant experience (hiring manager are busy people).

Let’s try to answer another question: how to target your resume? 

Based on the position you tried to apply. First of all, try to create two or three targeted resume for different positions. Let’s try to have a look real examples. Let’s imagine you’re sales manager. What other position you could potentially obtain?

The same level:

  • Sales manager
  • Account manager

Let’s try to remember if you managed some guys in office and target your resume for a manager position. Why not?

You feel manager inside yourself, let’s try:

  • Chief account manager
  • Senior sales representative
  • Sales Lead

Lucky people are those, who don’t afraid to try, even they understand it wouldn’t work!

So, if we’re talking about to target resume or not, the answer is 100% – yes. Different hiring managers – different approaches. The main trend of 2017 resume is to target your resume for any position. If you would like to increase response rate, you should think more seriously about targeted resume and the way you apply.



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