Resume 2017: Useful Tools

Before you start writing a resume 2017 – you should remember few things, which could make your life easier. You could ask how it could be done? No, we’re not talking about paid services, which are going to save your money, but could get you result, which would not 100% meet your expectations in the final result. That’s why we suggesting to our readers to write resume on their own.

resume 2017 tools

What tools should you use to get an outstanding resume 2017

You could find an outstanding resume writing service with tons of positive testimonials. But the person, who is going to write a resume for you – they can’t overwrite your experience, after they talked with you by the phone during half of the hour. It’s not possible to provide you with a high quality result and show all your strengths, highlighting those, which you would like to stand out.

According to some issues, we faced and our candidates did as well, we decided to prepare a good list of useful tools, which could make your resume writing process easier. Easier – doesn’t mean with losing a quality. First of all – to make your resume professional looked and easy to read.

Step #1. Resume builders

The main issue here is – to update your old resume or to write a new one from a scratch. It’s really not an easy task if you don’t know what should you start with and what result do you expect to get. We don’t want you to do the same mistakes job seekers did in 90’s writing their resumes and formatting it the way they need. It’s time to change the way and methods you used to write a resume.

Resume 2017 builders

It’s a new time and it’s time of resume builders, which were developed to help you create your resume and store it as many time as you need, during the day you will understand that you need to update it or clone.

Nowadays, there are tons of different solution you could find, surfing a web. We have prepared a resume builders review list to show you all of them. Based on your needs, you will be able to choose a free tool or paid one to develop a resume, based on your needs.

What would you get using a resume builder:

  • Professionally formatted resume;
  • Resume template, you will be able to choose the one you liked the most;
  • Spelling errors (instant checkers) – optional;
  • Easy to navigate structure.

#2. Professional resume templates

You don’t know how to craft an easy to read resume template, which would be easy to navigate and would be easy to read for any hiring manager. Also, you are the one of those guys, who still believe that hiring managers could consider stolen resume template and make a wrong decision about your candidacy.

⊗ STOP IT. We are here to tell you real story.

Reading your resume, there are some facts, crucial for any hiring manager:

  1. Your resume is easy to navigate;
  2. Colored, professionally made template attract more HR’s attention;
  3. Data in your resume is structured.

So, feel free to download resume template and edit it the way you need. Especially, when it was developed by a professional resume writer. Anyway, you could choose from a wide range and those, which will meet all your needs.

#3. Resume Keywords

Main problem

Most of candidates doesn’t even understand how important right keywords in their resume could be. It’s interesting fact that less than 3% of job seekers know something about Applicant Tracking System and how it could help you to get the job and break away from other applicants.


Writing a resume on your own, you should understand that not only the hiring manager is going to read it. Before they do, there is another machine is going to do the same – it’s ATS. Applicant tracking system is a kind of scanner, which recognize keywords in your resume and provide HR with a special score, showing how well you are for a specific position. That’s why it’s important to include keywords in your resume to increase your chances to get an interview.

Sometimes, simpler is better.

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