2017 Job Search Guideline

What Job Do You Want

Before you even start your resume writing process, it’s a good idea to solve some really important issues. And the first one thing you need to understand or trying to find the answer to the one and the most important question: “What job are you looking for?”. It’s a pity that most of candidates, who send their resumes never even asked themselves really simple question..

What job do I want to get?

It’s not a hard process to understand. Have you ever tried to do that? Do you love the field you work in or you would like to try something new?
So, it’s a good exercise for you and for your brain to answer the questions above. And after, let’s talk a little bit more about what do you really want and what you are ready to try. So, if you are open to try yourself in a new field, you need to ensure that it wouldn’t be a hard thing for you to face some difficulties. BUT you need to be passionate and purposeful to not leave all your beginnings on the half-way. And that’s where you need to understand what do you like the most and what area you would like to try:

  1. Do you like to talk with clients?
  2. Do you like negotiation process?
  3. Do you like numbers?
  4. Do you like reports and figures?
  5. Do you like manage or to be managed by somebody?

Trying to answer just these simple questions above, you will understand your candidate’s profile. After doing this exercise – you could understand what job is right for you and which one – is not the best option for you.

Still, there are candidates, who are not considering position in the new field, They exactly know what they want and what they are looking for, but they don’t have enough experience in a specific field and enough practice. That’s where a communities and social networks could help you the most.
Once you are ready to answer yourself to the main question: “What job do I want?”, you can move to the next step.

Write a Resume

You should understand one and the most important rule, even before you start thinking about your job or new opportunities. Your resume is the number one tool you are going to use in your job search process. You can be an outstanding candidate. All you ex-colleagues know that and your friends – but not the hiring manager, who is going to invite you to a job interview. And you key to be invited for the job interview process is – your resume 2017.

You know, tons of candidates are asking us the same question when they start their first resume writing attempts. And it’s really not an easy thing – to write an outstanding resume. Even more – it’s huge work you need to.

So, here are some steps you’d better to follow, even it’s not the first time when you in an active job seeking process:

  1. Don’t know what you should start with? For such hard cases, we have prepared an outstanding resume 2017 guide. You will find each section of resume with detailed instructions on what should be there and what details are better to include.
  2. Don’t know how to emphasize your significance? And hesitant about what to include and what resume sections are better to omit? You need to decide which resume format 2017 is right for you and which of them would only help you show your strengths.
  3. You could be a MS Word guru – but you don’t read resume like a hiring manager does. That’s why your resume 2017 template need to be crafted by a professional. We have prepared a wide range of them for you.
  4. Sometimes you feel a lack of creativity and don’t know or not sure what to include to your resume. And it’s not a bad idea to include stupid general phrases to your resume. If you need some help – feel free to use MS WORD resume examples 2017 we made right for you. All of us used them to “grab” some useful information to our resumes.

Even you have coped with your resume, still there are some difficulties on the way to success. You need to remember about such software like ATS. Have you ever heard about that? If no – it’s applicant tracking system. Special software specially produced for hiring manager to make their life easier and make candidate’s life more hard. The main idea of any ATS-system is a matching mechanism, which help HR’s to not spend time on non-relevant candidates. And seems like it’s a huge problem for the most applicant, BUT to solve this issue we have already prepare and ultimate post on how to beat an ATS and let the hiring manager read your resume.

After all, if you tried all the resume writing approaches and seems like you can’t cope with your resume and your friends don’t want to help you or you don’t want to ask them, still there are some options. The first one, and not the cheapest one, which we usually do not recommend you – resume writing services. Why? Because you really can’t check who is going to write a resume for you and what quality it’s going to be after money was already paid. The second option – resume builder. We have prepared a detailed resume 2017 builders review, so you have a great chance to have a try.

How to search a job in 2017

To find a good job is not an easy task, even you are a good professional. Not all the applicants exactly know what should they do after they have already coped with their resume. Now we’re going to discuss some job searching approaches, which would increase your chances to get the job you are looking for and would stand you out from the mass.

Be the part of the network

Nobody cares if you were laid off from the previous job or you just looking for something new or decided to launch your own project – you need to be a part of community. Community of people, who think the same way as you do and who are ready to help you or maybe ready to cooperate. You could ask us – Where should i find that people? We could help you, there are tons of places:

  • Exhibitions (thematic)
  • Special events
  • Local event
  • Conferences

Tons of ways, where you could talk to other more senior specialists and try to offer them your candidacy of discuss some projects.

Social media job search

We can bet, that you use not more than 20% of opportunities in social media networks, using them daily. Social media are so huge and so unpredictable, that you even can’t guess who and when could offer you a new job tomorrow.

BUT, while you are just scanning a photos of your ex-girlfriend or watching a movie – your opportunities are still far away from you. You could ask us, what should i do to let somebody write me and offer a good job? We can answer you – NOTHING. Nobody will write you. You must to do the first contact. You need to understand that if would not do that, nobody will.

Where to find new job opportunities

Facebook groups. There are tons of groups, grouped by different interests. You can easily subscribe to them.
We so believe, you know the names of the companies, you would like to work in. It’s a great chance to to subscribe.
Social media event. Usually, PR managers are promoting their events and run their own event calendars to attend more visitors. And it’s your chance as well.

Also, you can scan recruiters and HR’s profiles. Usually in contact information they prefer to add some notes about who are they looking for at the moment. And even though, if you will write to them, they can offer you some other position (because they have a huge list of connections. Even they will not consider your candidacy, maybe their colleagues will)


The main problem of all job boards – they are overloaded by tons of different vacancies and sometimes it’s really hard to find something interesting for you. BUT, you need to remember that it’s a part of your daily job searching process and you need to be ready for that.

So, where should i start, using a job board? The first and the most important part of every job searching process – is scheduled reminders. You need to set them up and be ready for the daily monitoring. Once you find something interesting – apply immediately. And use tailored resume to increase your chances.


Wooh..Seems like they are interested in your candidacy and hiring manager called you not to clarify some information. She called you and invited for a an interview, Good job! So, now you need to be ready for everything and first of all – you need to do another good jo, to prepare for a job interview process. So, what should you do to impress hiring manager and let her understand that you are serious candidate and want to get the desired position:
Know who you going to talk with and what’s inside. First of all, you need to understand who is going to talk with you. And LinkedIn is the best tool to cope with that task. To understand better the company, scan the people’s profiles, who are working there, How long they are working there? Any awards? What’s inside the company? That’s all you need to understand what’s inside. By the way. You will understand how to dress, because you will see the corporate wearing standard on the photos.

Company. You need to be ready to answer the question: “What do you know about our company? Have you ever heared something about us?” It’s one of the most common question HR’s usually ask to understand if candidate prepared for the interview, or he/she is just looking around. Answering that question, you will show them, that you are interested in their company and were prepared. That means that you are serious about their vacancy.

List of question to clarify. It’s good practice to prepare already written list of questions you want to clarify. For example, you want to know how do they set up some their business processes. Asking such questions, you will show deeper understanding of details and maybe they will put you the next step of consideration process. So, next time you will talk with you your manager or HRD, we don’t know.

Be careful

You need to think twice or take a pause before you going to answer some tricky questions. The main goal of any hiring manager not only to understand you level of expertise, but also to understand the way you think and the way you behave in extraordinary situations. That’s why you need to be calm and be ready for the tricky and sometimes really odd question.

Before you go to the interview, spend some time to understand the interview process. For example, if you would visit Glassdoor, job seekers usually submit their interview stories there. Try to find them to understand what is going to be there. And don’t panic

Remember to say THANK YOU!

Once a job interview is over, it’s a good chance to say thank you to your interviewer. You can do that in some ways. Some candidates do it after an interview finished, We usually recommend to do that in some hours. Just send a thank you letter to a HR.

Keep your resume 2017 updated

Heh, seems like you have found the job of your dream and everything is cool at the moment. BUT life is life and you need to remember that everything is change. That’s why you should always be ready to be in the active search again. That’s why you need to keep your resume updated and don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile. Continue to visit some professional event’s, be in touch with professional from other companies, Maybe, sometimes, they would offer you more interesting opportunities.

Nowadays, it’s a normal situation to have some jobs or projects, OR even to run your own project and combine it with your daily job. Find a time and be happy with what you do!

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