How To Pick a Resume 2017 Format

For those, who still hesitant about what to do, and when there is not enough expertise. But you need to GET your JOB in 2017. And you need to know where to start and what resume you need to get at the final result.

latest Resume 2017 format

It’s a good time to understand what resume format format is better to use in 2017. And the time is now!

In today’s post we would like to refresh some of your knowledge’s about different resume formats. And would like to answer frequently asked questions by our subscribers about how to not only to write an outstanding resume 2017, but show your candidacy in the most positive light. That’s why our post is going to be about what resume 2017 format is right for you and you need to choose the latest resume format to win the competition.

So, now we’re too close to start writing about the most common resume formats you can find on the web or in somewhere else place. BUT before we start – we would like to tell you the most important thing about any CV format you are going to pick. Resume format – it’s not about how well information in your resume structured, it’s more about how well you can show your candidacy for your employee.
And here we go..

Chronological resume format

The one of the most used resume format in US and other countries. It’s so popular, that some recruitment fresher even don’t know about some other resume formats. And that’s true. It’s not possible to not understand how to use it. It’s easy and it’s perfect.

BUT you need to remember that this type of resume format is better to use for candidates, whose career path is huge enough to show. If you are fresh grad, it’s better to use some other resume format to get a better chances to be invited for an interview.

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Functional resume format

When we talked about chronological resume – it was a good opportunity for those candidates, who are “strong enough” to show their impressive career path, which would help a hiring manager to do the right decision. But now we’re going to talk about something a little bit different.

Now we would like to consider functional resume format by a different angle. Let’s imagine like you don’t have an impressive career path, you have never heard about companies-leaders on the labor market. All you have – your skills. And that’s what you would like to sell the best way.

That’s a good time to show you another type of resume format – functional resume format. It’s the best option for those candidates, who would like to focus on their skills over than achievements.

Who should use:

  1. Students or fresh grads;
  2. Job seekers with employment gaps;
  3. Job seekers with impressive hard skills skills-set.

Even though there are too many hiring managers, who are seeking candidates just by skills. And it’s a really a good opportunity for you to be the one that guys, whose resume will find and call.

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Combination Resume Format

When it comes to tell you a bit more about combination (some calls it mixed) resume format – we would like to tell you just one thing – you need to be really outstanding candidate to use this resume format. Why? Because it’s much easier to focus hiring manager on the best part of your resume. Here – it’s not possible, and most likely because all the candidates are trying to include everything here.

But still, if you would like to get “general” resume – it’s the best option. And the most interesting fact is that – most candidates who tried to use combination resume, usually were not satisfied with the result they get.

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Anyway, resume format – it’s only the part of the things done. You need to remember that the easiest part of any job search process – it’s only to start the job search. After, you will face too many difficulties like: How to write a resume?, what to include there? Where should i start? And what should i do next? We know what do you feel at this moment and we’re here to help you with all that stuff! You should only remember that not all the best comes fast and you need a little bit more patience and willingness to win!

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