Choosing a resume format 2017: Useful Tips

When you are thinking about how to start writing your resume 2017, it’s a good idea to think about resume format you would need to choose, writing your resume. How you could increase chances to be attracted by professional hiring manager? The are some ways on how you could do that:
Professionally written resume with polished job objective, achievements block and wow work experience. But it’s “grey” and the same as tons of other resumes HR’s getting daily.

CV 2017 format tips to follow

Professional resume template, which was done so well and attract hiring manager’s attention to the most important blocks, you would like to stress in your resume 2017. Furthermore, it was written using the one of the resume templates: chronological, functional or combination.

True story: You have up to 6 seconds to catch HR

Lets try to understand what’s going next, after you have already wrote your outstanding resume and it was sent to HR.

  1. At first, it would be recognized by ATS, if the company you applied for is using such machines to sort candidates, trying to optimize recruiters time and process.
  2. Then, most likely, each hiring manager has three main piles, where they add candidates. Usually they name them alike: “To Call / Write a feedback”, “Backup folder”, “Declined”. We hope, you understand what does each of such folders mean.
  3. After all the applicant were sorted, hiring manager start working with the applicant who are in the most interesting folder and calling to the candidates, inviting them for an interview.

What is the most interesting in this sorting or scanning process? The most interesting is the fact, that each applicant has not more than six seconds to impress hiring manager with his/her resume. Just only six seconds an average recruiter need to understand if the candidate would be good for the vacant position or it would spend of time. Another interesting fact is that you have opportunities to influence on how long would hiring manager stand on your resume and what information they would read first. If you would like to know how to do that, let’s try to understand how professional resume format 2017 could help you here.

How To Use Resume Formats 2017

It’s not about what’s inside your resume, it’s about the way it was organized.

Resume formats were created by some smart people, who decided that the information you include to your resume 2017, should be structured and organized according to some resume formatting rules. Due to these rule, there are three the most common resume 2017 formats million of job seekers use daily writing their outstanding resumes.

Here are the most used resume formats 2017

The chronological resume format concentrates your reader more on your achievements and solid work experience. If you are experienced specialist in the area/industry field – this is the best choice for you. (Read more about chronological resume template)

The functional resume format shows your skills. If you would like to highlight your skills more than other blocks, use this resume template. (Read more about functional resume template)

The combination resume format is the mix of the two resume formats above. (Read more about combination resume template)

What Resume Format Is Better To Use?

Now let’s try to understand what resume template should you choose and when it’s better to use.

Chronological Resume Format – When To Use

The one of the most old and well-known resume formats from the rest. This resume format is better to use if you have a solid working experience and would like to show your career path. How you grew up from entry-level specialist to Top manager or alike position. Also it’s important to show the companies you worked in and the dates. And the on of the most important attribute of chronological format is – achievements block. which would help hiring manager to understand your impact to each company and understand your level as a specialist.

Chronological resume template 2017

Latest chronological resume 2017 example

Chronological resume template 2017

Latest chronological resume 2017 example

Chronological Resume Template – Who Should Use

  • You worked in one field and would like to keep working in the same field / industry.
  • It was a solid vertical career growth and you can show it in your resume.
  • The last or current company you work in is huge and you proud of it.
  • The are no employment gaps and your career path was smooth and confident.

The Functional Resume Format – When To Use

Functional resume template is the of the most free to resume formats. The only one thing you should concentrate your attention is – your skills block. Using this resume formats means that you should show the number of hard and soft skills in your resume.

Functional resume sample 2017

Functional resume template 2017

Functional resume sample 2017

Functional resume template 2017

The Functional Resume Format – Who Should Use

  • “Job changers”. If you changed 5 jobs during the last 2 years, it’s a good idea to show your skills first.
  • You have employment gaps and you would like to hide them from a hiring manager’s eyes.
  • You would like to try something more and you don’t want to end your decision on this job.

The Combination Resume Format – When To Use

Combination resume format (Hybrid resume format) is the mix of the functional and chronological resume templates. It’s better to use when you would like to combine your skills and career path in one resume. It’s cool if you could show your achievements for each place of working and highlight this information in your resume 2017.

Combination 2017 CV sample

Latest combination cv 2017 template

Combination 2017 CV sample

New CV 2017 combination template

The Combination Resume Format – Who Should Use

  • You change your places of work to often, but you have skills to highlight in your resume.
  • You are middle specialist and would like to improve your knowledge’s up to the next level.
  • You used to work as a freelancer and would like to fill the gaps showing the skills you have gained.

Which Resume Formats Hiring Managers Would Like To Read More?

According to the latest polls, chronological resume format is the most preferred by hiring managers in US. But in some cases they would like to see functional resume template, because it reflect real hard skills of a candidate and let the hiring manager understand better if it’s a candidate they are looking for.

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