Why HR doesn’t call back?

Why they do not call you?

Maybe you were in the situation, when you have your have spent tons of time crafting your resume. It’s already polished and seems like it’s not the only one. You have some, even more – tailored resumes. Proofread and reviewed by some HR’s you know. BUT you face interesting situation when you apply your resume and nothing happened then..Complete silence! You are trying to understand what’s wrong with you, maybe something wrong with your resume..

AND seems like everything is ok. Really cool resume and according to your researches – you are not the worst candidate. BUT what’s wrong with that? Why they don’t want to call you and invite for an interview? And today we want to research and try to answer questions above. Because you are not alone here and there are some other candidates, who face the same issue.

It’s not because of YOU

Interesting, but the problem could be really imperceptible at first sight and you can’t check if you do something wrong. Let’s try to understand the most common reasons, why the hiring manager don’t what to give you any feedback.

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Sometimes you can’t do nothing, because of circumstances

Reasons could be really simple at the first sight, but still they are real:

  1. ATS – applicant tracking system. Their company using this software to optimize hiring manager’s time. What does it mean for you? There are two options in your case. OR you have more chances compared to other candidates and your resume will be on the HR’s table. OR your resume were transferred to the trash pile, because of keyword lack. Bad things happens and you need to know how to optimize your resume for ATS.
  2. Hiring manager has enough candidates in his/her “TO GET IN TOUCH” pile. And it means that your candidacy has not the highest priority. As result – you send your resume again and again and nothing.. If you don’t hear back anything – it’s better to find other opportunities.
  3. Position is already closed. Yes, it’s a pity, but not all the hiring managers close their job ads straight away. What does it mean for you? You are surfing job ads website, find out interesting ad and applied your resume. What goes next? NOTHING. Hiring manager already made an offer to other candidate and forgot to close job ad.
  4. Something wrong with your resume or resume template you decide to use. It’s a common mistake a lot of candidates do – inappropriate resume template they decided to choose for their resume. Even more it’s not the best decision, if it’s unprofessional.

And if to be honest, it’s just a small part of “WHY’s” hiring manager don’t give you a call. Still you should not to give up and need to try other job searching approach. If they don’t want to call you, it’s a great idea to call them.

How to get in touch with hiring manager

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Opportunities are everywhere! All you need is to bring a little bit more efforts

If you still believe that hiring manager would not talk to you, only because you begin the conversation – you are completely wrong. They are the same wage-earners and all of them want to get their salary and bonuses. BONUSES? Yeah, most likely all the hiring managers have some extra bonuses if they will close all the vacant position in agreed deadlines. And if you are the guy, who asked them to accept your invitation in Skype or in somewhere else – and you are the one, who they are looking for, it’s a great chance to discuss job requirements and arrange a meeting.

BUT now you need to solve another issue. Where you could find hiring manager contact information? It’s not a hard thing to do. Most of them are already have their LinkedIn profiles – it’s the #1 opportunity. Have you tried to open a corporate website and find out their contacts over there? – number 2 opportunity. Professional events. All of them are visiting some recruitment events – opportunity #3. Look around – all you need is willingness to get in touch with them.

What to say when you get in touch

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You need to be ready for a sudden conversation

The worst thing you can do here – to send your resume, without any explanation. If you will do that, most probably you will be blacklisted.

So, how should you start? You need to remember that ton of voice you are going to use in you conversation is really important. That’s why it’s better to start with something like: “Hello dear NAME. I see you are looking for POSITION. Don’t you mind if i could offer you my candidacy to be considered for that position?” Something like that. It’s a good idea to send a tailored cover letter after such questions.

Also you need to remember that not all the hiring manager’s likes to communicate with candidates online. And maybe, you would need to do some attempts, before somebody would like to respond.

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