TOP Resume 2017 Tips

Do you remember that time, when you were laid off or you decided to quit your current company, trying to find something interesting or well-paid job? We are sure that all of us remember that feelings and how it could be hard to understand what exact steps you should do next and what should you start with.

The most common answer is – a resume. A resume – not boring one or vague. We’re talking about an outstanding resume in 2017, which could not only help you to stand out from a crowd, but would help you to get the job this year. The main goal of any resume is to help you to get a call from a hiring manager. That’s why we decided to prepare a list of tips you could use writing a resume to get a job this year.

1. Professional approach

We saw too many times how tons of job seekers do the same mistakes, and it’s not about grammar or spelling mistakes. It’s more about what do they mean behind the resume. Each resume is a professional marketing document, which would help you to land the job. And that means that you should pay enough attention to all the details in your resume. Avoid some pictures or funny phrases. It’s a document. But if you still would like to use some creative approaches, it’s better to use professional resume templates.

2. Tailor your resume

Whatever you will do with your resume, tailored resume has more chances to be screened and it’s owner would have much more chances, compared to other candidates. And you should remember that.

Try to tailor your resume for the most interesting positions you would like to get. We know that it’s not too easy to do, but still you will be wondered how amazing the end result could be. Read more about how to tailor resume in 2017.

3. Resume is easy to read

You would be surprised, but ATS is not the only one, who scan and after read your resume. Hiring managers are the decision makers and you need to work a little bit to make their daily duties much more easier. And it’s a good idea to start with your resume. Make sure it’s easy to read, without some hard to understand sentences. Avoid buzzwords, if they are not necessary or not suitable in your case.

4. Resume format

You need to remember that resume structure is really important question in 2017. It’s not about how your resume designed, it’s more about how it’s logically structured and how to conceal your gaps, if any.

It’s the main reason, why we recommend to all our job seekers to pay more attention to the resume format choice. Hesitant which one to use, it’s better to spend a little bit more time and choose your 2017 resume format and increase your chances to get the job you want.

5. ATS optimized

What do you know about applicant tracking systems? What do they do and what’s inside? Are they useful, or it’s just a myth?

We faced all this questions, when candidates asked us about how ATS works. And we tried to answer this questions:

  • ATS (applicant tracking system) is not a myth – it’s more than reality AND that’s TRUE – it could help HR to put your resume into the trash pile.
  • YES – ATS systems are using semantic search to understand whose resume is the most relevant.
  • YES – the core of the algorithm is in keywords. Keywords in your resume are really matters.

Before you will send your resume, make sure twice if you followed all the optimization steps.

6. Quantify everything

It’s hard to believe, but still..hiring managers are better understand numbers, compared to some vague phrases. And if you would like to impress a hiring manager, it’s better to use some numbers. Read more here.

7. Doublecheck your resume

Even you are using spellchecker in your Word – you need to check your resume once again, before you will submit it via application form. You need to remember that hiring mangers hating spelling or grammar mistakes. They do believe that you are not respecting them, if you are doing them. Because you need to have some time to remove them all from your resume.

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