TOP 7 Resume Writing Tips 2017

When it comes to writing your resume 2017, most of candidates feel not very confident about what should they include in their resumes and how it should look like. Doesn’t matter how old are you and how many jobs you have already changed before. Today we’re going to talk what your resume should include and what blocks are better to use and which one’s are better to avoid.

resume 2017 tips

How to land the job using your 2017 resume

We’re not going to provide you a huge&long list of instruction about how resume 2017 looks like this year and what resume trends you should keep to be on the same page with hiring manager. All we want to do – is share with you a simple check-list, where you could find all the resume writing advices in one place.

Looks like it’s a small step by step guide, which was created to help any job seeker. It really doesn’t matter if you are school leaver or experienced specialist, we still believe each could find some useful tips for themselves.

So, we are ready to present you our resume 2017 guidelines

resume tips 2017

How to get an invitation for an interview

Before we go: Remember, you have up to 20 seconds to impress your reader and let him/her think that you are the candidate they would like to invite for an interview. That the goal we would like to reach, yeah? That’s why you should be patient and be ready to make some tiny edits.

What job you would like to get

Do you know how your ideal job looks like? What do you know about it? If nothing – it’s not a good idea to write your resume if you don’t know what should you do, where and when.

Usually it’s a normal situation for a entry-level specialists, when they usually don’t know what they want. But if you are a specialist – you should know what job ads you need and how to tailor your resume for a specific vacant positions.

Before you start applying for some positions, try to research a labor market and understand what positions are good for you and how you could tailor your resume for such positions.

Keywords in your resume 2017

More and more companies are using ATS system to make their life easier. What is Applicant tracking system and how it could help you?

ATS systems are used by hiring managers to help them sort candidates and also to get the most relevant candidates into the consideration pile. Each system has it’s own algorithm on how to sort candidates, but the main idea are – Keywords.

Using right keywords, you can boost your chances to be considered at first. That’s why keywords are really important in your resume.

Resume 2017 format that works

There are tons of different opinions about what resume 2017 format works better and when it’s better to use some of them. We don’t want to go into details, because you can read about each format below:

Chronological resume format
Functional resume format
Combination resume format

Each format has it’s own pros and cons. Try to understand what you need and how it could help you to highlight your main advantages and hide your gaps.

Resume job objective

You can be extra-qualified specialist, but if you don’t know how to sell your experience and relevant skills – that means you would never get a well-paid job fast.

What is the key your success? It’s your job objective. Here you need to explain what you want from your job and what value you could bring to your potential employee.

Resume template

As we have already mentioned above, you have up to 20 seconds to impress your reader. What should you do to not only impress, but let hiring manager to remember your resume?

You should use the latest resume 2017 templates, which were created to make your resume professionally looked. Using professional resume template you would avoid the most common mistakes job seekers do with block positioning and block placement.


Some job seekers still believe that education block is not the most important information in their resume. They are wrong. Some hiring managers are looking candidates education block first, and only then, they move to other information.

You could place courses and other information there. It doesn’t mean that you must place only your University degree or other related information.

Useless blocks

Some candidates are still believe that if they would add hobbies, hiring managers would invite them only because they are creative personalities. Or there are some other cases like: references block and phone numbers of your ex-employer.

Such blocks are better to avoid. If you would like to share some information about you, it’s better to do on an interview.

Anyway, we believe our list of tips could be useful and we believe you would land the job you are looking for so far.

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