Targeted Resume Format – One Shoot!

What are targeted resumes and why should job seekers use them? A targeted resume focuses on a specific job opening. The targeted resume is written to highlight the skills and experiences relevant to a particular position. When sending targeted resumes, the resume will be edited or rewritten for each job the candidate applies to.

targeted resume format 2017

What is targeted resume format and why do you need this type of resume format to write a resume 2017, which would help you to stand out from a crowd? As you can see from the name of this resume type, a targeted resume format focused on a specific job opening.

Why Targeted Resume?

Adapting your resume for each position you apply for takes some time and effort, but helps to make it very clear to hiring managers and whoever else sees your resume that you’re a good fit for the position. Customizing your resume allows you to showcase the qualifications, accomplishments, and particular aspects of your work history that match closely with the requirements listed in the job description.
Why do job seekers need targeted resume format? The most interesting fact is that targeted resume could bring you much more value, comparing to other resume formats when a job seekers are trying to adopt their resumes for a specific position or job posting. It’s not about how to hack the system.

It’s more about how to write an amazing resume and what rules you should follow to write it the best.

Targeted Resume 2017 – How to Write

Easy way – Resume Summary or Profile

There is no need to change everything in your resume, if you would like to make it targeted for a specific job posting. In some cases, it’s more than enough to change some sentences in your resume summary of qualifications block to show who you are and what exactly position you are looking for.
So, what should you do? First of all – read carefully the job description to understand what candidate profile you should have to increase your chances to get a call. If you understand that you have chances and your hard skills are what they are looking for – it’s time to tailor your resume.

How to target your resume the easiest way:

  1. Sum up your experience and include it to your summary of qualifications block. Because it’s the first thing HR’s are scanning in your resume.
  2. Show your relevant education an move this section to the top of your resume.
  3. If you are going to write a cover letter – it’s a good idea to mention some skills, which could interest hiring manager and let them understand why you could bring value to their company.

Another Approach – To Write a Tailored Resume

As you can see, there are some different ways on how you can target your resume for a specific position. Another good way on how you could tailor your resume for a specific job posting – to write a resume according to the requirements for a specific job ad.

It’s a quite a long way, but the most effective one, compared to other resume writing methods. All you need to do here is – scan carefully job posting, which you would like to submit your resume. After you understand all the job requirements – you need to tailor your resume to the position you want to get. You should keep in mind that it’s better to write a resume from the scratch, than rewriting or editing the current one.

Cover Letter – is it worth to target?

In addition to your targeted resume 2017, it’s a good idea to think about a cover letter. It’s the most effective way on how to attract hiring managers attention to your candidacy and show why they should pay attention considering your resume.

And if you are still thinking about: to write a cover letter to highlight some of your strengths – you should do that!

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