Tailored resume 2017: How to win instruction

What does success means for the job seeker? Some could tell you that it’s a new job opportunities and a well-paid job. And they are right, because only you know how to get job interviews reading our post below. Today we’re going to talk about how to tailor your resume in 2017 and how tailored resume 2017 looks like.

Before you will spend your time reading this post, we’d like to warn you: DON’T even spend time reading this post, if you are going to apply the same resume for each position you will find on the web or anywhere. We’re here to change rules and would like to give you some useful advices on how to win the competition. So, if you would bring a little bit more efforts, you’ll get what you want. In other case – don’t even spend you time.

resume 2017

The best chance to get the job – tailored resume 2017


Tell yourself that you are ready to pay a little more attention and be the winner. YES? So, let’s go. The first thing you should start tailoring your resume is a well-written resume with already chosen resume 2017 format. It’s not about how tell a hiring manager why you are the best, it’s more about how to let the hiring manager choose your resume without any doubts, because you are the best of the best.

Tailored resume 2017: Step-by-Step Guide

We don’t want to over-persuade you to do something, but in the same time – we are here to help you to get you a new job this year. So, now we’re going to give you a small intro about what is the main approach here and why do you need to tailor resume in 2017.


tailored resume 2017

The best resume format 2017

tailored resume 2017

The best resume format 2017

tailored resume 2017

The best resume format 2017

tailored resume 2017

The best resume format 2017

The main idea of tailored resume – is to create a new resume, crafted for a specific position, which would stand out your candidacy from the rest of resumes in HR inbox. It does not mean that all the time you need to write a new resume from the scratch. We’re here to help you optimize this process and show how it could be done fast and the most effective way.

What should i get at the end:

Our main goal is to get a resume, which would highlight your main skills and accomplishments. As you have already understood – our main goal here is to get an invitation for an interview.

#1. Research activity

Before you will craft your resume for a specific position, you need to do a deep research. Your main tool here is a search engine, which would help you to gain all the necessary information.

What should you do? Fill your position title into the search line of any search engine and get the job description. Do you have all the skills they are looking in specialist like you? What about keywords in your resume or buzzwords?

You need to understand that hiring managers are not specialist in some areas and all the could do on the first stage – is to match keywords in your resume and keywords in the job ad description, wrote from the words on linear manager. And it’s your chance!

#2. Tailoring your 2017 resume. Accomplishments

Resume accomplishments is the best place to show hiring manager why you are number one candidate. Are you ready to show why they even dont need to spend more time, scanning other candidates on this position?

It’s your turn. Understand who they are looking for and what do they expect from the candidate on announced position? If you will – you are the winner. You could easily include some numbers and facts to your achievement block and get an interview even today!

#3. Library

It’s a good resume writing trend 2017 – to use a links to a professional literature into your resume. In that way you could show what exactly professional areas you care about and tell to a hiring manager a little bit more.

BUT. Be careful with that. You need to know about such books or articles OR at least read them. Because HRs like to ask some related questions about what did you like or dislike, reading that literature.

#4. Watch people in your field

Before you even start tailoring resume 2017, do not hesitate to open LinkedIn and look through some authoritative profiles.Try to understand if you could get some keywords and include to your resume 2017. It’s a good practice all the senior specialists using, before resume was applied.

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