Student Resume Format 2017

Even you are a fresh graduate student, you need a professionally written CV 2017 to impress HR or your potential employer. It’s doesn’t matter if you are a student or a well specialist – professional resume is the only one thing HR’s are looks at – making a decision, inviting you for an interview.

student CV format 2017

And as you know, professional hiring manager need up to 10 seconds to understand if you are the person they are looking for. Moreover, when we’re talking about student resumes – the competition between the candidates is really high. So, you need to stand out from a crowd using some important tips, which could help you to do that. And today we’re going to talk about how you college resume could bring you a new job and what should you do to win a competition.

And before we will move to the best practices on how to write a student resume and format it – we’d like to talk about what the resume is. How do you think – what is the main goal of any resume? You could say – to get a well-paid job. And it’s not the right answer. Your resume is a kind of advertisement you do to sell your candidacy and to get an interview. And during an interview you have all chances to get your job. If you’re a fresh grad and looking for your first job – you should understand what is the main value of any written resume.

Student resume format : What to include

#1.Resume length

Some hiring managers could suggest you to choose between long and short resumes. We would like you to use one page resume format. You could ask why?

Because you are just a fresh grad and you don’t have solid experience to show in your resume. And it’s a good chance to spend hiring manager’s time to understand that:

  1. You are the right person for that position;
  2. You are not trying to include everything in your resume;
  3. You understand what you want.

That’s why one page resume format is the best option for those, who just finished their universities and trying to find a place to get some money.

#2.What resume format is good to use

Most Likely, it doesn’t matter what resume format to choose. Basically, because you are fresher. And you have behind your back is your education and courses with certificates. So, most of hiring managers would recommend you to use functional CV format to highlight your skills (hard and soft as well).

#3. Resume layout – how to stand out

There are tons of ex-students, new job seekers on a labor market. They are all like you, some of them stronger, some weaker, but all of them are competing for hiring manager’s attention.
And here is a good lifehack on how you could improve your chances and stand out from a crowd. What do you know about professionally designed resume 2017 layout? Looks like nothing. If so, just download the one you liked the most and start editing it the way you need. You would see the result.

#4. Show your results in numbers

It’s hard understand when you would say “I was good at university”. It’s better to show your av. score and other persons would understand how really well you were at university. That’s about how important to quantify your achievements. If you have something to say in your resume, try to use numbers to make your points stronger.

#5. Target your resume for an internship

It’s a good idea to target your resume and have more chances to get an interview, applying your resume for some internship position in a well known company. All you need to is to follow rules on how to write a tailored resume.

Anyway, we wish you a good luck and get you job this year. We hope it would be your first and the best job.

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