Student resume format 2017

Just graduated? What to include in resume for freshers

Lost of student seeking for new job opportunities even on their first year at university. As you know, it’s not a problem to find a good job if you have enough desire and willingness to get it. Because it’s only the one things you have, while you don’t have any relevant experience to ask for more pay. There a tons of places where you could start your career and moreover huge companies offer paid internship, based on your education and age.

So, what should you do to get this job? First of all – it’s your resume, written in the latest resume format 2017 for students. What kind of format to choose and what to include, we’re going to tell you in the article below. Before you start,  close your facebook or any other application that would not get you able to concentrate.

Resume format 2017 for students. Let’s start

When you’re just a student at college or university it a real challenge for you to start writing you first resume, and we know it. You could ask the same question. we heard tons of times:  “What should I include to my resume?” And this is the most common question for all the freshers, because you don’t have enough employment history or any relevant expertise to find a well-paid job. But it should not let you down! Instead of experience – you have got some real achievement that could be a good argument for your potential employer to invite you for an interview.

So, let’s try to sum up what you could include to you student resume 2017

  • College accomplishments
  • Certificates (any of them – even Udemy)
  • Hobbies – some hiring managers are looking for freshers with relevant interests as the other part of the team
  • Good cover letter – never, never ignore or omit the ability to write an outstanding cover letter. HR’s sometimes are not looking inside your resume, but the way you could write your cover letter would be factor makes the difference.
  • Forum profiles – only if you have good reputation there;)

More about experience and job

Once you prepared some structured information using points above, now it’s time to tell your reader more about any positions you held and what were your main responsibilities. Also it’s really important to add more information about your college or university.

What should be there:

  • College or university name
  • Expected graduation date
  • Expected hours you could be free and ready to work

Skills are most important thing in student resume format 2017

It’s not a secret – hiring managers pay much attention to skills relevant or interesting candidates have. It’s really important for a potential employee to highlight some (two or three) skills that relate to the job position you’d like to obtain.

Tip. Some hiring managers could say – “it’s not a good idea to add general skills”. And they are right, if we’re talking about senior specialist, who is looking for a job and has 10+ years of relevant experience. In those case it’s better to show your accomplishments, instead of just general skills. But if we’re talking about student resume format 2017 – it’s ok to add some, so hiring manager could understand who you are.

And at the end of our article, we promise to provide you with some latest examples of student resume format in 2017.


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