Resume Trends 2017

What do you know about the first impression? Some job seekers do understand that in some cases, the first impression could be the crucial factor of the success. There were tons of articles written about how to write resume and how resume 2017 looks like, but today we’re going to talk about something else. Today or topic is about what should you do to keep the latest resume trends 2017 and what should be in your resume.

resume trends 2017

What do you need to do according to the latest resume 2017 trends?

What do you know about the WOW-effect and how it could help you to get the job this year? Today we have prepared for you the latest resume 2017 trends, you should follow to get the best result. “But what the good result is?” – It’s a new job and new opportunities, which could help you to grow up your business network and increase your chances to be the winner after any interview passed.

Resume Trend #1. Attract more attention

Maybe you know that or not, but professional hiring manager needs up to 10 seconds to understand who you are and what is your cost. But – it doesn’t work if you will craft a professionally written resume and will highlight the most important information in your resume.

Have you ever seen how hiring manager scans candidates resumes? What are they trying to find there and what are their expectations?

There is only one answer on your question. They are trying to find the most important information for them as fast as they can. And there is only one way on how you could help them to do that:

  1. The first and the most important rule – bold only the most important information in your resume. It could be some numbers, percents or really important data.
  2. Never use italic fonts. They are hard to read and would only make some barriers between you and resume reader.
  3. Use call-out boxes to structure information in your resume.

Remember! Professionally written resume is only the half of the things done. Easy to read resume writing approach – it’s your key to success and your chance to get an interview even after 5 mins after HR finisher to review your CV.

Resume Trend #2. What value you can bring

The one of the most interesting facts is that all the hiring managers, scanning your resume are trying to find the information on how your skills could be useful for the vacant position. It’s normal situation, because when you would like to hire somebody, the first thing you are looking at candidate’s resume – it’s what exactly value such candidate could bring to your company.

That’s why you need to show how your skills could be useful for them and what were your accomplishments. The best resume section to show your value is – summary of qualification. Just some lines, showing what was done and who you were.

Trend #3. Alternative job search approaches

More and more job seekers only now understand all the value they could get from alternative job search sources. What do we mean? Have you tried to search you job using job boards? How many times you have sent your resume via application form and waited till somebody would give any feedback?

Let us bust this myth.

Why job boards are not the most effective job search approach:

  1. Most Likely, hiring managers are using job boards to get a pool of candidates, who will be the next in order after the recommended candidates. And all the HRs are considering candidates from their database firstly.
  2. Why they do not give you a feedback? They don’t have time on you. You are the one of those, who sent your resume and should wait till they would find/not find the time to give you any respond.
  3. Job boards are paid and that’s another explanation why not all the companies place their job postings there. What does it mean? Less job ads – higher competition. Higher competition – less chances they would even write you back.

Are there any other ways on how you could find a job? YES, THEY ARE. Basically, there are some other job search methods you have never used, but effectiveness could be AMAZING.

What are the alternatives to job boards:

  1. ♦LinkedIn professional networks and groups. Surfing this professional network, you could find a networks or specific groups, where some group of people discussing some professionally oriented topics. It’s a good chance to join the conversation and try to get more connections. Be ready to mention about your current unemployment and tell that you’re looking for new opportunities. It’s not a secret for all the HR’s that if you are a good specialist – you have better chances to get a job using LinkedIn network.
  2. ♦Update your network. We are more than sure that you have some social profiles on the web. Didn’t you thought about how to use them to boost your job searching activities? How socials could help you? Update your current employment status and notify your network. It’s not the most efficient approach, but recommendations works.
  3. ♦Professional courses. It’s another kind of a good way on how you can improve your skills and ask for a new job opportunities if any.

Anyway, we’re not against the job boards. We want you to try some other ways on how to get the job in 2017 quickly and without too much stress.

Trend #4. Online Resume

It’s not about your professional skills – it’s more about best practices for a well-paid sales manager. And now he/she is trying to sell the most expensive product – themselves.

And now, online resume is like a good addition to your already written .doc or .docx resume template 2017. It’s a trend, but still it’s a really useful thing you could use anywhere. For example, while talking with a hiring manager via skype, you could easily send a link to HR and refresh your candidacy in their memory.

It’s easy, it’s not hard, it’s a trend!

Trend #5. Infographic resume

There are no any doubts – if you want to impress hiring manager and attract more attention, you need to show them something, that they have never seen before. In your case, it could be an infographic resume, which you are going to create using some popular tools.

But, there is another side, dark side of an infograted resume format:

  • It’s hard to read and compare all the information in resume;
  • It’s not optimized for ATS systems, which are more popular nowadays than in previous years;
  • Hiring managers sometimes are too biased to such resume formats.

Trend #6. Resume Formats

Interesting case, but according to the latest information from the hiring agencies, more and more candidates are using non-traditional resume 2017 formats – only to attract hiring manager’s attention. Interesting, but it was unbelievable result.

Those candidates, who wrote a targeted resumes – got more invitations for an interview. But, we can’t say that a targeted resume format is a new trend in resume writing. The whole, using a resume format – it’s the first thing you should start your resume with. It’s a beginning.

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