Resume Tips 2017 – BE READY FOR THE NEW JOB

We know that writing a resume is a really hard and sometime not the interesting thing you would like to do. But still if you are looking for a well-paid job and would like to get it, you need to know how the latest resume format looks like.

resume tips 2017

Would you like to follow the best resume 2017 tips?

Most of candidates are really upset, because all the time they started to write their resume, the final result was not the best. And it was not definitely like what they expect to get at the end. Even more, they were about to give up and started to looking for some services,’s not what are you looking for. We know the truth – the best resume 2017 is the one you will write on your own. Because only you know yourself, but nobody else.

That’s why we decided to collect some tips on how to make your life easier and help you to write an outstanding resume 2017 this year.

The best resume tips 2017

What resume format is worth to use

We saw really tons of different resumes and could easily answer this question. The most interesting fact is that you don’t need to pick a resume format. Resume format should be chosen, according to your career path and depends on what you would like to show or hide at the end.
How to format a resume in 2017? It’s not something new, because rules are the same, but nowadays you need to pay more attention to the resume 2017 templates and follow the main rules. Anyway, the main goal of any resume format is to hide your weaknesses and highlight your strengths.

Student resume or professional one

When you are writing a resume, your education section is really important and most hiring managers are trying to find it in your resume, if it placed somewhere at the end of a resume.

But you need to remember the main rule here – education section is not the main information you would like to show to a hiring manager if you are experienced specialist. First should be resume achievements – then expertise and only then education and other sections. But if you are fresh graduated and looking for a new job. And your education in your resume is only the one valued section, definitely it should be the first stuff you need to place in your resume 2017.

Impress using an outstanding cover letter

We’re not suggesting you to write a cover letter for each vacancy you could find and find interesting for you, but still we believe that cover letters helps candidates to get the job.

How it works? Most of candidates applying their resumes without any message on why they would like to get this position. And you should NOT DO THAT! It’s a nice moment to include some facts in a cover letter with numbers (achievements). Show them how well you did the same job on your previous job and let them consider your resume right now!

Quantity VS Quality

Interesting question. And believe us, you are not the one, who is answering us about it. All the candidates are trying to understand when the hiring manager would reply more often:

  1. When you would send 10 resumes without any changes (from the box)
  2. When you will send just two of them, BUT well crafted and tailored for a specific position.

The most interesting fact is that the second case works much better. And you could not even imagine how. HR’s don’t want to read generic resumes. They would like to get the most relevant candidates. And it’s your time to stand out from the mass of other candidates.

Is it worth to use resume templates?

YES. You should use resume templates. And it’s not because they are bright and would help you stand out from a crowd. The main reason is that they a made professionally and all the information inside were organised the way it should be done there. Also, latest resume templates would help you to get your resume updated and in trend. So, feel free to download them and use the way you need.

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