Resume Keywords 2017. How to BOOST resume

There are tons of different recruitment processes, but all of them have something in common – make the whole candidate’s searching and scanning process easier. How they could do that? Using special applicant tracking software, which would help them to save their time and make the hiring process easier in X times. And if we’re talking about ATS systems – it’s a really good opportunity to save money and time at the same time.

resume 2017 keywords

What should you do to boost your resume with a resume keywords in 2017?

But what does that mean for the job seeker? As you understood – applicant tracking system can’t understand whether you’re good or bad candidate, solely based on your resume or latest resume format you decided to use. And here the magic comes. ATS – it’s a special software, which principal objective is to provide a hiring manager with the most relevant candidates from the list of applied resumes. Machine simply can’t understand if you are good or bad candidate, because it’s machine and there is nothing like artificial Intelligence in the core of the system.

But how the ATS knows whose resume should be on the top of the recommended list for specific position? Resume keywords – that’s the answer to all the questions you could have some many years. It’s not obvious, but still not so complicated as you could expect.

There are some roles here:

  • Hiring manager. The main goal of hiring manager here is to define and submit the list of keywords, which are going to be processed by the machine.
  • Job seeker – person who included some keywords and such keywords could be from the list, which HR already included.
  • ATS – system, which analyze if candidates resume includes some keywords from the HR’s list and sort all the resume, according to the number of matches by the relevance.

How to optimize your resume 2017 for ATS. Read more and get more answers to the questions on how to win the competition.

Where to place resume keywords 2017

You should remember the main idea here. You are writing your resume not for the machine, you are doing that for a HR. If your resume will include too many keywords, it would not possible to read it at all. And all you will get in the final result is nothing. So, be careful with the over spamming your resume.

Where to include keywords in my resume:

  1. Resume objective statement – it’s a good place to tell a little bit more about your candidacy and include some relevant keywords.
  2. Resume experience – you should remember that at first you are writing as it should be. Only then – you could add some keywords, which could help you to rank a little bit better.
  3. Cover letter – it’s not the best place to include as much keywords as you could include there. Simply because some ATS systems do not use cover letters to rank resumes.

Some useful tricks to boost your resume

As you understood, if you would like your resume to be ranked higher, your resume keywords should be included to your resume 2017. And at the same time, your resume should be easy to read.

How to do that at the same time. Do not overstaff the top of your resume, while the HR could read it easily to understand that you are the candidate, who they are looking for and keep the resume readiness on the top level. But include some resume keywords at the end of your resume. In this way you could easily balance the keywords in your resume and HR will not be irritated because of possibility to read it.

Resume keywords 2017. How to USE

There are too many techniques on how to find the keywords for each position to let your resume ranked higher at the final result. We don’t want to list all of them, but would like to share with you some ideas on how you could get good results here.

  1. Before you apply your resume on a specific job openings, scan a resume for a keywords and include them into your resume.
  2. Create a list of keywords, which you are going to include to your resume.
  3. Create a TAG cloud using a keywords from the previous advice.
  4. Have a look some resume templates with the same position and see what resume keywords they decided to include.

Anyway, resume keywords is not the end thing you should rely on, writing your resume. But still, it’s a good opportunity to let the hiring manager see your resume first.

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