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When you are looking for a new job, your resume 2017 is the one document, which would help you to represent all your skills and knowledge’s. But there is one more thing, you should keep in your mind. It’s not enough to show your skills and achievements, you should show your featured employer what is ideal job for you and what are your expectation from the job you would like to get.

resume objective 2017 samples

Today, we are going to discuss some techniques on how to write an outstanding resume objectives, which would help you to stand out from a crowd.

1. STRONG Job Objective Statement

Crafting your resume for a special position could be a very successful tactic, and professionally written job objective could help you here. But, placing a resume objective on the top of your resume is not a rule, which you should follow – it’s just a recommendation and it could be very useful.

Now we’re going to discuss when it’s a good idea to use job objective in your resume:

  • You decided to do a total career change and hiring manager don’t know about that. That’s why it’s a good idea to communicate your decision via a job objective;
  • You’re looking for a specific job and you are not considering mixed role (or position) and you know 100% what job you would like to get and what problems or tasks you would like to solve or keep;
  • You have got a vague and unclear career path, without focus on a specific position. Writing an objective statement, you would like to show your skills and achievements to avoid tricky questions form the hiring managers, who would interview you.

Including a job objective statement, you would tell a person, who is considering your resume at the moment next things:

  • Exactly what job you would like to get and position are you looking for;
  • Your professional level and area of duties you would like to get and manage;
  • Your level as a candidate, who knows what he/she is looking for and level of expectations.

How long my job objective should be?

You are not going to write a story about your childhood and how nice it was at university. You’re going to write about what job you would like to get at the final result after an interview. And there is no need to use more that 15 words to describe it.

Avoid vague phrases

There are too many candidates, who still believe that using a vague statements like: goal-oriented or challenge position, with nice staff and so on – it’s a good idea to show what kind of company they expect to land.
Really, it’s not a good idea at all. You should avoid such phrases, because some hiring managers are hate them, and it tell them nothing.

What should I include to resume 2017 job objective

  • What area you would like to work;
  • Tell HR exact job title you would like to get if you know it;

Remember – be concise! Don’t tell much – you need to show you reader that you know what you want and there is no need to show as much as you could include to your resume objective statement.

2.RESUME title over RESUME Objective Statement

Are you already a specialist or you have all rights to call yourself a good specialist and you would like a hiring manager to test it during an interview? If yes, it’s a good idea to not include a job objective into your resume and leave just a resume title. It works better in some cases – because it show that you are not looking for a wide range of positions. You exactly know what you want and job you would like to get.

It’s not about bragging – it’s about your level you professionalism. That’s about who you would like to be.

You should consider this when:

  • You are self-made specialist and you exactly know what job you’d like to get;
  • You know what job you would like 100% not to get;
  • You are not ready to consider some other propositions.

Place your job title under your first and last names.

3. The POWER of the first statement

Now, let’s have a look on another good technique on how to impress hiring managers and let them understand that you are not just a good specialist, who is looking for some job – you are an experienced candidate. A candidate who knows the area very well and there is no need to offer you stupid propositions.

How it works

You don’t need to write much, All you need to do – to kill a hiring manager from the first words in your summary statement. You need to show how well you know the area you’re going to work in and prove your experience.

4. Certificates place near the top

It’s a really good practice to place the information about your education or certificates you get – near the top of your resume to prove your job objective. It’s a kind of signal for the hiring manager to understand what job you would like to get and how you would like to improve your skills and knowledge’s as a worker.

♠So, we have already talked about the most common rules on how you could write or improve your resume job objective. We hope you would cope here and provide the right signal for a hiring manager.

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