Resume 2017: Work Experience Section

Work experience. This is the most important thing any hiring manager would like to see in your resume 2017. Doesn’t matter who you are and what an awesome resume template do you have – work experience is the first thing HR’s look at. Keep this information in your head, writing your resume and pay attention to list your work history carefully, without mistakes to impress your potential employer.

work experience 2017

How to list your work experience

Based on resume format you have chose, it depends how you’re going to list your work experience. Each resume template has it’s own rules on how it’s right to list it. Try to follow this tips to avoid mistakes and create an easy to read resume, which would not only impress hiring manager, but make their work easier.

Chronological format – You should list your work experience in reverse chronological order. Always place years you worked on this position and don’t forget about achievements.

Functional format – Work experience is not in the main focus here, because of the skills, which you need to show here. That’s why, using a functional format – it’s ok to list your work experience at the end of your resume. But, remember to add the total number of years you worked in specific fields or on specific positions.

Combination format – it’s really close to how you should list your work history in chronological format. No need to place all your work experience for the last 25 years. It’s ok to cover the last 10 years to show in your resume.

What problems you could face listing your work experience

Not all the people the same and all the job seekers have their own career paths. Almost each of us has something we would like to not show in our resume.

The most common things all the job seekers trying to hide, listing their work experience are:

  • Employment gaps;
  • Their Age;
  • Short Employment periods.

Employment gaps – this is the one of the most common problem for the most job seekers, who has gaps in their career path. And the problem is huge, because not all them 100% know how to explain such gaps during an interview. You should be prepared for a tricky question, HR’s would ask you. Be self-confident and answer the question correct.

Age discrimination – It’s not a secret for the most job seekers that HR are trying to find freshers or have age limitations for the specific positions. And you should know how to hack the system. Useful tip for you – list only the last ten years of your experience. That’s more than enough to understand your level and skills. And it would be hard to understand how old you are, before they would call you for an interview.

Short Employment periods – it’s like a horror film, when you changed more than 3 job during the last year and can’t explain the reasons why you decided to quit or you have been laid off? It’s another one huge problem. Be ready to answer this tricky questions during an interview.

Anyway, you should know how list your work experience the best way and impress your reader. So, finish with that, and let’s go for the next stage.

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