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Resume summary. What is that? And what do they mean asking us to include this content block in our resume 2017? It’s not hard to explain. Based on the format of resume you decided to choose, standard CV’s includes summary of qualification block. It’s up to five sentences, which explain hiring manager on why you are the best candidate on this position.

how to write resume summary

What to write in resume summary block?

It’s time to talk about the one of the most interesting and creative block of your resume – summary of qualifications. It’s not hard to understand what should be there, but we would like to explain it a little bit deeper. So, resume summary should explain your reader why you are the best candidate for vacant position and what skills and experience you have got to let them call you and invite for an interview.

Looks like it’s not hard to tell why you are the best candidate for the position they would like to close, but still – writing a good and catchy resume summary is a good skill. And not all the job seekers has it and know what to include there. For example – rather than trying to sum up all your career path in up to five sentences, there are more effective ways on how to attract hiring manager attention and let them understand why you are the candidate they are looking for.

What should you use in your resume summary:

  • Show your experience;
  • Hard skills, relevant to the desired position;
  • Expertise in the area;
  • Your personal skills (soft skills);
  • Huge work background;
  • Years in specific industry.

It doesn’t matter what area you used to work, your summary should be written professional and represent your candidacy as the most relevant to the vacant position.

Help me to write a resume summary 2017

The main problem for the most candidates is – they know what they did and what they achieved, but they don’t know what they should write. Especially, they don’t know how to represent themselves in resume summary block. Are there any rules you should follow, writing your resume summary or there are some tips? NO. There are only some recommendations we could give on how to do that.

So, what should i write about in my resume summary:

  1. What experience do you have in the specific field;
  2. How many years you have worked in this area;
  3. What skills do you have, which could interest hiring manager to call you for an interview;
  4. Numbers and fact which could prove the level of your professionalism;
  5. References by authority people (do you have some?);
  6. Show you success. What you have launched? Achieved.

And many more techniques and approaches, which could help HR understand that you are the candidate, who is not not talking and bragging, but those – who has proven skills and achievements. And we really hope that it’s about you.

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