Resume 2017. Step-by-Step Guide

This post is not for the job seekers, who would like to get their resume written by somebody else or maybe resume writing services, where you would need to pay money and get the same written resume with “so-so” quality. We would like to share our knowledge’s with those employees, who would like to write an outstanding resume 2017 and get employed this year.

resume writing 2017 guideline

How to write a winning resume in 2017. Follow our Guideline and get the job!

We don’t know who you are and where did you work or what was your level of expertise. Maybe it’s even the first time you try to sit a write your own resume, or maybe you have your resume already written and you feel it has not professional look. All you need to do – is to follow our resume 2017 writing guide, we have prepared for you.

More and more people asking us: “What show i do and how resume 2017 should look like to get me through consideration process and get an interview?” To get an interview – you need to attract hiring manager attentions and highlight all the most important and valuable information in your resume, which HR would like to find easily and understand that you’re the candidate he/she is looking for. That’s why we have prepared a step by step guide for the candidates, who need know how to write a resume that wins!

STEP 1 – Know your job

Resume 2017 guide

What job you would like to get? You should know it before you start to write your resume!

The most common mistake many job seekers do – is writing a resume, before they understand what job they would like to get at the end result. Before you start writing a resume, research the labor market and understand what you would like to do and what kind of job you are looking for. It’s the one of the most important step, if you don’t want to lose time and make the resume works for you.

STEP 2 – Resume keywords and resume optimization

Resume 2017 how to use keywords

How to use resume keywords and make your resume easy to read

Resume keywords is important part of any resume. How do you think how your resume would get to hiring manager inbox through applicant tracking system? Keywords – this is the answer. You need to optimize your resume using the right resume keywords to pass the ATS and do not over-staff your resume, because the next stage – HR would read it.

STEP 3 – Proper resume format


What resume 2017 format should you choose and how it could help you to get more chances to get employed.

Resume content is matter, but you should remember about another thing – the way your resume content organized. That’s why, using updated resume 2017 format is very important and we would like to share with you the most common resume formats, which would help you to get the job and win the competition.

Chronological resume format
Functional resume format
Combination resume format

Read more about each resume format to understand how to highlight your skills and show your candidacy in the most positive light. Also, it’s good idea to read more about the latest resume 2017 format (pros and cons of each format). Read and choose the one, which would be the most useful for you and would show your accomplishments the best way. Let the resume format work for your needs!

STEP 4 – Resume 2017 Templates

Resume templates 2017 How to choose

What resume template 2017 should you use?

How resume template could help you to get an interview? The answer is – easy. Using a right resume template – you increasing your chances to be more attractive to HR eyes. And it’s not only about colors in your resume, it’s more about how well the information organized inside your resume. Using the proper resume template, you should remember about main rule – your resume is still the document and you need CV template only to reach one goal – make the HR’s live easier and attract more attention to your resume.

STEP 5 – Resume Heading

Resume heading

How resume heading should looks like in 2017

Many job seekers trying to include tons of irrelevant information in their resume. As result, they only irritate hiring managers, because they can’t easily find the information they are looking for. You should help HR to find the information in your resume in the places, they expect to see it. Resume heading – is the one of the most important place, where you need to include only the right information.

STEP 6 – Resume objective

Resume 2017 objective

How to write resume objectives to get an interview in 2017

Based on what job you would like to get, you need to understand how to tailor your resume objective. Basically, you need to understand who are they looking for and how relevant your expertise is. Any resume objective help HR’s understand your expectation from the job you would like to get and understand if they could offer you the place, where you could do the job well.

STEP 7 – Resume Summary

Resume summary 2017

What to include to your resume summary to impress hiring manager?

This resume block would give any HR the understanding on who you are and whether your level of expertise could help them to achieve new business results. You should know how to make your resume summary of qualifications outstanding.

STEP 8 – Work Experience

Resume experience block

How list your work experience in your CV 2017

You should know how to write your work history to get the max value for yourself at first. Even you have some problems alike – employment gaps or age discrimination. You should know how to place such information, showing your work history the way you need it and the way it could help you to get the job.

STEP 9 – Resume Achievements

Resume achievements

What to include to your resume achievements block and how to list your achievements

The one of the most important block in your resume, where hiring manager could easily understand if you are the candidate,who could bring value to the company. In other words, writing an achievements block, you should understand how it could help you to get an interview. You should avoid mistakes and show how useful you can be.

STEP 10 – How to list Education in your resume 2017

Resume education block

Where to place your education block in your resume

You should know how and where to place your education block. How it could help you and what should you do with your degrees, courses and certificates. Or you are just graduated? What should you do next.