Resume 2017 Heading

Your resume 2017 heading is the one of the most attractive information for hiring manager. It’s not only because it’s placed at the top of any resume - it’s because it place the information, which any human resource manager could see to identify your personality. That’s why you need to make it short and informative at the same time.

Resume 2017 Heading Structure

There are no specific rules on how you should format your resume 2017 heading. We would like only to provide you with some suggestion and resume tips on how to improve the resume heading structure and what information it should contain.

Resume 2017 heading

First / Last Name

You First and Last Name is the first information any Hiring Manager see, reading your resume. It’s important to pay your attention on how to stand out this information from a crowd of other details and let the HR remember who you are.

It’s a good idea to highlight your Last and First Name, using a bold font and larger font size. There are many interesting solutions, you could find surfing the web for a creative resume templates. But you should remember the one thing – don’t use too creative fonts and try to make this fields easy to read.


Adding your address, you need to understand why the hiring manager’s needs it. The main reason is to understand if they would probably need to relocate you. Or to understand how long it would take you to get to the office from your place of living.

That’s why it’s better to use your street address instead of post office box. But if you have some reasons, why you can’t show your street name, P.O box is still Ok.

Phone number

Doesn’t matter what phone number you decided to list in your resume, you should remember about the main rule here: include only the phone numbers, you would be able to pick up and answer. If you hesitate, if you could answer your home phone number – it’s better to not include it to your resume.

Here are some useful tips about what you should check:

  • Make sure, you added only the phone numbers, you could 100% answer.
  • Make sure they are valid.
  • Check your message on answering machine! You even can’t imagine, how many candidates were declined because of stupid message.
  • If you decided to leave your work number, you need to be sure you could freely discuss any questions, related your featured job and nobody would hear that.

Fax Number

We really can’t remember candidates, who were added fax numbers to their resumes. If you’re dinosaur, it’s time to think about professionally named e-mail address. Let’s move on to the next step.

E-mail address

Usually, when a hiring manager cant find a phone number, they are trying to find an e-mail address to leave a mail. And now you understand how important this information could be for a hiring manager. And if you still hesitate to include your e-mail address or not – you should not think about it – you must do that.

There are some tips on what you should do not:

  • Avoid using your work e-mail address.
  • Use only professional e-mail address name. ( – is not the best choice in your case)
  • Bind your e-mail address with your phone, to not miss any messages from the hiring managers.


Whether you have something to show on your personal website – it’s a good idea to add url name. If there is nothing – there is no need to add it. By the way, if you are designer – website is a good idea to show you portfolio there, if you’re not using common services to store your files and portfolio.

Social profiles

It’s better to show your facebook id – if it was requested. The most common practice is to add your LinkedIn profile.

So, we hope you would cope with your resume heading the best and you’re ready for the next step to improve your resume.

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