Resume format 2017. Hot trends!

How to start write your resume in 2017

It’s really important to understand what goal you want to reach, writing your resume 2017. To get temporary position or find the job you dream on. If it’s about the first one case, you should not spend your time any more reading all this words below. You could easily close this tab in your browser and visit some other resource.

But, if you’d like to know how to format resume in 2017 to attract hiring manager’s attention, we’d like to suggest you – stay here for 2-5 minutes and read this article. As you know, recruiters are not stupid machines, and that’s true)  If you still think – keyword staffing would keep your resume on the top – it’s the biggest mistake you should avoid this year. Why? Because more and more staff software started to be more smart using updated scanning algorithm and hiring managers said that manual search is the best.

So, if you would like to win the competition using the best resume format 2017 – it’s time to bring more light on what should you do and what kind of resume format works and which one would even get you down.

Let HR understand who you are

When you are in active job searching and tried too many times to get employed, and the main issue is the first contact. Contact between you and hiring manager. It’s time to think about what’s wrong with your resume. Maybe there are some problems with:

  1. Grammar
  2. The way you write your resume (style)
  3. Positioning
  4. Resume format

And most likely, only resume format could help you to sell your candidacy the way you need. It’s really important to choose the right resume format in 2017 to that would highlight your background and experience. Some formats would work better, some of then – would not. Now we don’t want to overview the most common resume formats. We’d like to present you the latest resume format 2017 trends.

Resume format 2017. Latest trends

To win a competition and to get the job you dream on, you should be not only the best employee, but to follow the best practices in keep world trends. We’re not sure even all resume writing services know about it, but we do. So, let’s begin.

Resume format with headline

It’s really important to highlight all you value as a candidate, that’s why it’s time to use a resume headline (some hiring managers call it – resume title). It’s better to locate it under your personal information, so recruiter could easily understand who you are and if could fit vacant positions.

Who should use it: Candidates with a huge experience. Just summarize all you knowledge’s and skills in 1-2 sentences to impress recruiter.

According to the latest researches it such approach works the best, because you help recruiter to understand who you are and why you could fit the best on this position. You save their time, they appreciate it.

Resume format with profile section

This kind of resume format 2017 contains a small profile section between your personal data and experience. Writing such profile you would help your reader to understand more about your skills and whether you could cope with job responsibilities. Also, they would see on how well you could write some sentences about yourself.

Who should use it: Candidates, with not a huge experience. Junior|middle specialists to highlight general knowledges.

So, we provide you with the latest resume trends 2017. It’s not the ends. We preparing something interesting for you next week, so visit us.

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