How to list Education in resume

Writing a CV 2017, the one of the most important section you need to include to your resume is Education section. Scanning your resume, hiring manager is trying to find your education or certificates you got during your career path. Let’s try to understand how to list your education in resume and how you should do that to lets the hiring manager call you, not somebody else.

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What should you include to your resume 2017 section

Where to place education block

Most likely, you could find a resume block near the end of resume. Why so? Because there are some other sections you would like to show first to attract more attention.

But still, there are some exceptions from the rules, which you’d better to follow in the cases below:

  • Your degree is relevant to the desired position you are looking for. It’s a good practice, to show some education accomplishments if any.
  • You are fresher and your education is the only one you have. That’s why it’s better to place your education block even after your headings section.
  • You used to work in some other field and decided to change your career. But your education is the only one related thing you have from the field you’d like to work in. Place it after your resume objective.

How to list Education on a Resume 2017

We have prepared some tips on how to list your Education block the most effective way. Where to place it – at the end of your resume or near the top. Based on different situations, we would like to share with you some tips on what should you do to write an outstanding resume this year.

You have more than one degree:

  • No need to list all the schools you were attended. Show only the one last school that granted a degree and that’s enough. Hiring manager does not count them.
  • Include the dates you finished your school or college. It’s important information, because the gap between the education can be huge.
  • No need to include all the certificates, courses or internships in your education block. It’s better to include to your summary block, if they are really impressive. If not, remove them from your resume.

There is some other case, when candidate decided to change the area and decided to visit some courses or pass some tests. In this cases, it’s a good idea to mention about that in your resume, like: “visit XYZ courses. Completion, Summer 2019 ”

About Certificates and other

It’s interesting thing, but when you are choosing between the professional certificate or degrees to include to your resume, it’s more valuable for hiring manager to see your certificates if any. Why? Because it shows that you are the candidate, who is willing to grow as a specialist and really to spend time for education.

Anyway, if you don’t know what you should include to your resume – read our resume writing tips and write an outstanding resume in 2017.

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