Resume achievements. How to write

How do you think, what are hiring managers trying to find in your resume and when they do not hesitate to invite you for an interview or not? It’s interesting fact, but according to the polls across the HR’s – they are more likely invite the candidate with strong achievement sections in their resumes. This is what could show how well the job seeker is and what exactly value did he bring to his/her ex-employer.

resume 2017 achievements

If you know how to write a catchy achievement sections and highlight the most important information – you will stand out your resume 2017 from the pack.

Achievements OVER Duties

It’s not a secret that hiring managers are looking for candidates, who concentrate more on achievements and who are ready to show them in their resumes. It’s not surprisingly, because in some cases they are not looking for the “process” oriented candidates. They are looking for the candidates with “to be done” approach. So, now we’re going to consider some cases, which would help you to create an outstanding achievement-based resume and get the job this year!

To write a good achievement statements, you should have three main things below:

  • You have proven skills or experience in a specific field and ready to show your knowledge’s across your resume;
  • You know how to use your skills and know how to bring value to the business, you’re going to work with;
  • You are ready to talk about what you did and how well you did.

Remember. During an interview process, hiring managers would ask you questions to clarify some details about your accomplishments .You must be ready for that.

Achievements in your resume 2017. Main Rules

Now we would like to talk about the common rules, which you should follow, writing your achievement-based resume to impress the hiring manager with the most important information you’d like to promote in your CV.

Achievement should be quantified

It’s much more easier to understand what exactly value you did bring to your employer if you show numbers in your achievement statements. Only numbers could help HR’s understand how well you are and could show measurable facts.

For example, what could you show in your resume:

  1. You saved the budget. Show how much, using %. – It’s really impressive and would show that you are not only the regular worker, you are the person who knows how to manage the budget right way.
  2. You increased revenue. There is nothing to add. Show figures or percentage. Believe us – it’s what the HR could measure and understand how good candidate you are.
  3. You improved customer’s loyalty. Show related KPI’s. Be sure, the person, who would consider your resume will be impressed.

Progress. Show that you’re moving forward.

  1. It’s a good practice to use mixed achievement types in your resume. That’s why now we’re going to talk about achievements which show your personal progress.
  2. Are there any organization issues you faced and successfully solved them? If yes, it’s a good idea to include them in your resume.
  3. You implemented a new process, which increased some KPI’s? Tell more about that.
  4. Are you good at managing staff? You decreased the number of colleagues who have some motivation problems in your ex-companies?
  5. You know how to build a good brand? You should tell more about what exact result you achieved here and what was the final outcome.

Action words. Use them.

It’s a really good practice to use action words to highlight your approach for the things you did and you proud of. But, you show avoid using the same action words twice or more times in one sentence.

Follow our useful achievements writing tips and improve your resume right now!

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