One Page Resume Format 2017

All the time, when you are sitting back on the chair and trying to start writing a resume, you ask yourself the same question: How long my resume 2017 should be? And it really interesting question most job seekers trying to understand. If we would open some HR blogs, you would see that the length of your resume is solely based on resume 2017 format you decided to use.

one page resume format 2017

Is that about you? Your resume format in 2017?

But still, there are too many discussions around the main question: One page resume or Two page resume? Which one is the best for me? Are there any rules, which would help me to understand which one should i choose? Wait a bit a we’ll answer all this questions in our post.

One page resume format 2017

According to some resume writing rules, your resume should not be less than one page. That’s why recruiters calls it “one-page resume format”. Why you should limit yourself? In some cases it’s not the best idea, but still it’s because of HRs. They dont like to read much. They are busy people, that’s why one-page resume format is the best solution to grab their attention and let them call you back, if they would need to clarify any information.

At the same time, you should remember that lack of information about your candidacy – would reduce your chances in competition.

That’s why you should remember about such things like:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Career Objective
  3. Achievements

All these things would help you to stand out from a crowd and let the HR check your resume twice, before he/she decide to put it into trash pile.

Two page resume format 2017

More information – means more chances to interest hiring manager in your candidacy. That’s how explain that candidates, who decided to use two-pages resume format and enhance their resume with an additional information.

Who should use that and why? There are no special rules here, but still you should keep in your mind an easy fact: if you have enough valuable information to show in your resume – you need to do that.

Exception from the rules: Federal resume format.

So, how long your resume 2017 should be

According to the latest resume writing trends, you show pay more attention to resume 2017 format, which you are going to use. It would help you much more to stand out from the mass and hide all your gaps. So, pay attention to the format of resume.

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