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It doesn’t matter if you are already employed, or you are in a active job search or just scanning some interesting propositions on a labor market.. Today we’re going to talk about resume trends 2017. What stuff is interesting for employers and what could makes them mad. What are the must have things in your resume 2017 and is better to remove. All these words below about what resume trends you should follow to get the job in 2017. Are you interested in a new job? If yes, let’s start with the first resume trend!

Resume Trend #1 – Structured Content

It’s not a big secret that hiring managers are trying to scan as more candidates as they can and as the deadlines can let them do that. That means that they manage their time very well and trying to save it as much as they can.

What does it mean for you as for an average jobseeker? Nothing special you think? No, it mean that you need to respect their time and help them read your resume. They need to understand who you are from the first two seconds, while they are scanning your resume. It’s your chance to be noticed and to be considered for a vacant position. Read more here about what resume rules are actual in 2017

What resume formatting rules to follow in 2017:

  • No huge spaces
  • Bullet points if needed
  • Numbers
  • Bold the most important facts or numbers in your resume.

BUT. You need to remember that your resume is a document. So, please do not overdo with different colors and to huge fonts. And remember that you resume will read a hiring manager. So, try to read it twice, before they will and understand if it’s easy to read or no.

Resume Trend #2: What Value Can You Bring

Nobody cares how good guy you were on your previous place of work if you didn’t show amazing results. Nobody need to read tons of papers, trying to find a key to your success story. If you want to SELL yourself, you need to know how to do it. And your resume is the best place for such things.
Doesn’t matter if you are sales manager or school teacher, hiring manager is looking for your skills and some information, which would help them to make the right decision. What decision? To invite you for a job interview or not!

The key to success is – achievements section. And it doesn’t mean that you just need to include it to your resume. You need to show value here. Try to quantify your results. Help the hiring manager to understand if you worth this position or not, if you woth the time they will spend on you or not, if you worth the desired position.

Resume Trend #3: ATS-optimized resume

You can’t even imagine how hiring managers are trying to optimize their own time and what tools they use to manage their time. If we’re talking about hiring processes – ATS is an inseparable part of the hiring process in huge companies. Sometimes HR could get so many resumes just for one vacant position, so it’s not possible to read them all. That’s when the applicant tracking system start help them.

Why it’s important for you? Because you can be the best candidate to fit that position, but ATS could easily not recognize you. As result – you are in the trash pile and HR could never see you resume. So, are there any other question on why do you need to optimize your resume for ATS?

Resume Trend #4: Social Media

We saw tons of candidates, who believe that social media could never ever help them to find a job. Even more, social media – it’s something bad, something unprofessional. BUT it was an age of stones and wild bears. Since that time, social media is the one of the best places, where you could start your job searching process. Friends, ex-colleagues, some groups by interests and so on..why not?

AND of course, it should be professional. What do you know about LinkedIN? Do you have you professional account already created? If no, you need to think about it. Over 30% of all the hires in US are made via LinkedIn network.

Resume Trend #5: Resume Layout

What is the first thing any hiring manager see, when he or she already downloaded your resume on computer and opened it? Yes, resume layout – in other words how your resume was structured and how easy it is to read.

All the information in your resume should be divided into special section, according to some rules. If it was made by professional resume writers – it’s good to use. If not – better to omit such templates. That’s why we recommend to all our readers to use our 2017 resume templates to win the competition and GET THE JOB!

Resume Trend #6: Video Resume

Have you ever heared something about video resume? It could be something new for you, but still it’s one of the most viewed format if resume in 2017. All you need to create an outstanding video resume is – already written script and camera. Your video resume should not be too long, not more that 30 sec. And you can see the results on your own.

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