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What resume tips 2017 you should follow to get your resume in “YES” pile on the hiring manager’s desk? Year to year such advises differs and tons of different experts would offer you something new, sometimes really silly suggestions. But this year we decided to create an outstanding post, combining all the best practices on how to write the best resume 2017 at one place.

resume tips 2017

What resume writing tips should you follow to get a job in 2017?

1. Follow Resume Formatting Rules

It’s doesn’t matter who you are and job you are applying for – there is one golden rule in job seeking process you should follow, and without any doubts, you would increase your chances to get an invitation for an interview.

Help Hiring Manager to hire you.

Use well-formatted resume.

If you don’t know how to do that – find on the web. Download. And USE it.

Why should you do that? Simply because you help HR to do the their job and you save their time. It’s not hard to understand what resume format 2017 you should use and when you should use just only specific CV format.

How you could help hiring manager to scan your resume:

  1. Use wide margins to make reading your resume much easier;
  2. Resume headings – it’s a key to success. The more clear they are, the more adequate your resume is;
  3. Use bold and italic fonts to stress the most important information in your resume;
  4. List information in your resume using bullets or numbers.

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The main issue each hiring manager face – to assess estimate value any candidate could bring during trial period. And it’s not a secret that it’s really hard task. Even for experienced hiring manager with over 25 years in HR area.

And what are you thinking about? Right! If it’s not a simple thing for them, you should help them to do that. You could us: HOW? It’s not a hard thing to do. You need to prepare one or more accomplishments for each position you used to work and include them before you would write your responsibilities.

There is only one way how HR could understand who you are, even before he/she would talk to you – it’s your ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

It’s your main competitive advantage.

Some useful tips on how to show why you are valuable candidate:

  1. No need to list all your duties, it’s not necessary. HR would ask you if needed during an interview;
  2. List your accomplishment before you will start listing your main responsibilities;
  3. Use numbers and figures when you will overwrite the value you did bring to your ex-employer;
  4. STOP using general phrases and already written examples. Use your own style.
  5. Include only your achievements. Do not use somebody else’s, because it’s easy to check.

3. Show what exactly value you brought

All the time we see the same cases, when really strong candidates don’t know how to sell their candidacies the best way. And it’s not about the way their resume was formatted or they don’t know how to attract more attention using resume template 2017. It’s about how they overwrite their responsibilities and quantify their achievements.

You should remember. Any written resume is a kind of marketing document and the main goal of such document – to sell your candidacy and get the job. That’s why you should know how to increase your value to get a well-paid job. And now we’d like to provide you with some resume tips on how to quantify achievements:

  • Stop writing general achievements alike: “Years in the company” OR “450 hours worked under XYZ project”.
  • HR want to see numbers and your main goal here – to show valuable numbers, which could help them understand who you are and what exactly expertise you could bring to them.

4. Summary of Qualifications

To be honest, today you will not find a resume without any mistakes or tiny things, which you wouldn’t like to improve. The on of such things, you’d better to replace form your resume is – resume objective. It’s not a resume trend you should follow today, because you could you a resume cover letter to place all the information about why you would like to get this job.

Now we’re going to talk about summary of qualifications. It’s not an easy task to write it the way, you could impress your reader, but still – it’s a good opportunity to increase your chances and get the job you want.

Some useful tips on what to include there and why you should write it:

  1. More attention from the HR, which means more chances to be invited for an interview;
  2. More chances they would remember you as a potential candidate;
  3. Scanning your resume, the first thing hiring manager see in your resume after contact details is your resume summary;
  4. They would not disturbing you, understanding who you are and what are your salary expectations.

5. GROW Your Network

You should remember that resume submission is another big part after you will finish with writing your resume. And you should think about it sooner – better. So, you should not count on job sites, but be ready to talk to all your friends and people who would be ready to offer you a job.

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