Latest CV 2017 Format

Before you will sit and start writing your resume 2017, there are some questions you ask yourself, and in most cases they are: “what resume 2017 format to use?” And “how to be let the HR see my resume”. Today we’re going to answer these questions and would try to help you increase your chances to get the job this year.

CV format 2017 tips

As you already know, there are some differences between the resume formats and today we’re going to discuss them and show all the poses and cons of each CV 2017 format. The most interesting fact is – the HR’s reads huge amount of resumes daily, but well written resume is a real treasure for them, because most of candidates even don’t know how to show their strengths and weaknesses.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about how proper resume format could help you to get employed.

So, why do we need resume formats:

  • To show your strength and bring more attention to them
  • Target your resume to a specific job
  • To make the right positioning
  • To make your resume easy to read
  • To hide some gaps, if any

You should keep in your mind that each cv template is unique and if you decided to use one, you should be sure that it would help you and stand out your skills and strengths. We have prepared a list of the most common cv formats, used by millions of job seekers daily all round the world. Each of them is unique and has it’s own poses and cons. Read them carefully and make your choice.

The latest CV 2017 formats:

Each format is unique and now we’re going to talk about each of them separately.


Performance CV 2017 format

performance resume format 2017

A performance CV format is a good choice for the candidates, who need to show their achievements and the level of performance on their previous places of working. This is often used resume format and well-known by all the HR’s. As you understood from the format name, you should start your resume with an achievements block. Each job title in your resume should include list of your main responsibilities and activities you did or managed on a specific position.

Pros and Cons of performance CV format 2017

Resume formats 2017 pros and cons

When to use this type of resume format:

  1. You would like to show your career progression.
  2. You would like to show what improvements you implement and how it affects on business performance indicators.
  3. The company you worked is well-known or currently employed is a huge player on a labor market and it’s a good idea to highlight this fact.
  4. You are not considering another niches or markets, because you are well-paid specialist, who knows how bring real value to the company, which would like to hire you.

Should I use performance CV 2017 format?

If all the written above is about you, try to consider some other types of resume formats, if you don’t want to decrease your chances to get employed or even to be invited for an interview.

  1. You have long employment gaps in your work history and it’s hard for you to explain them.
  2. You decided to chance the area or your speciality and considering some other positions with unrelevant working experience.
  3. You are changing your jobs often and you can’t do nothing with that. If it’s about you, you need to concentrate more on your skills.
  4. You can’t remember or you don’t have any achievements at all to include them to your resume.


Functional CV 2017 format

Functional resume format 2017

Functional CV is the one of the most used resume formats for those candidates, who would like to show their skills over the job titles and huge company names in their resume headings. Functional CV format is also known as skills-based, because using this format you would need to concentrate on your skills and show your hiring manager how useful them could be for the company.

Functional resume format is used to promote your skills set and would help hiring manager understand who you are. If you know how to sell your candidacy in the most effective way, functional resume could help you to do that. Whenever you are, sales manager or IT specialist, functional resume would help to highlight your knowledge’s and would show your professional approach.

It’s important to keep in mind some factors and rules, when it’s better to use functional or some other type of resume format. Below, we’re going to overwrite pros and cons of functional format, to help you avoid some mistakes you could do, writing a resume in 2017.

What to include to functional CV 2017 format

Functional resume template is designed to highlight your main skills and show your skills-set in the most positive light. That’s why you should start your resume with a small summary block and then show your skills.

Pros and Cons of Functional CV format 2017

Resume formats 2017 pros and cons

When it’s a good idea to use this type of resume format:

  • You decided to change an area or there were some circumstances why you decided to find out a new branch of industry and try yourself there, showing your skills and achievements to your potential employer
  • You have too many employment gaps, which are hard to explain, but you need to hide them in your resume, avoiding tricky questions from hiring managers
  • Your working experience is broad, but you have gained too many transferable skills, which could be very useful to your potential employer.
  • Your career path was not the best, as it probably could be and that one more reason why you would like to show what you can do and how your skills could help you to solve problems and reach goals.

Why you should be careful using functional CV:

  • Some employers are not familiar with this type of resume format. It’s a risk, when a company does not include a hiring manager and only the CEO or owner is considering candidates on vacant positions.
  • Well-known companies, could not be noticed by HR’s because they will try to concentrate on your skills-set, and could not see real brand you developed or helped to do that.
  • In some cases hiring manager would think that you’re trying to hide something.


Targeted CV 2017 format

CV 2017 format targeted

A targeted CV format is a good choice for those candidates, who are looking for a career change and decided to do that using a proper resume format, increasing their chances to get a call from a hiring manager. Targeted format is the best choice to solve this problem? Because it would help you to show your skills and experience in the most positive light for a specific job.

Targeted CV format is very similar to functional resume format, but it focused more on a specific skills you gained on your previous places of working. Using this resume format, it’s important to highlight your achievements and hard skills to show your potential employer that you have proven skills-set to solve any issues you would probably face with.

Difference between duties and achievements

First of all, you need understand the main difference between duties and achievements to show your hiring manager that you are process-oriented candidate and looking for a long-term cooperation.

That’s why it’s important to include achievement block to your resume and write some sentences, overwriting what was done and value you brought to your ex-employer. Hiring managers are busy people and they don’t want to see “processes”. Instead of that, they would like to see what was done and how well. It would help them to make decisions faster and understand if you are the candidate they’re looking for, or it’s going to be just a waste of time.

Pros and Cons of Targeted CV format 2017

Resume formats 2017 pros and cons

When it’s good to use this type of resume format:

  • You decided to change your career or you feel your career path suddenly stopped and there is only one way to change the job.
  • You have mixed experience in different areas and you would like to include your experience and achievements into one page of paper.
  • You are really experienced specialist, who has unique knowledges of specific area and would like to show you skills.
  • You had some employment gaps you don’t want to show in your resume.
  • Your unique skills are so rare on labor market and it’s good idea to target your resume for a specific position.

When it’s not a good idea to use this type of resume:

  • It’s not the one of the most common resume format, which is well-know by all the hiring managers in US. So, it could be some problems for some HR’s to understand what you tried to highlight and they would even try to investigate whether you maybe tried to hide some information from their eyes.
  • You worked for a well-known international companies, but it’s not the main information you can highlight using this type of resume format.


Graduate CV 2017 format

Fresher CV 2017 format

It’s a good idea to think about fresher resume 2017 format in some cases described below:

  • You are still in school or university and looking for job, which could help you to earn some money and get experience. Most likely it’s going to be a part time job, which would allow you to visit your university or school and work at the same time.
  • You have already finished your university and it’s a good time to think about your first job. But you are in the same situation as millions of other fresh grads and you’re trying to understand: “What should i include to my resume if I it was two weeks since i graduate?”

So, what fresher 2017 CV format should include:

Nothing special, but the most interesting thing is that your resume is your the most valuable achievement you’d better to show in your CV. That’s why you pay attention to education block the most. If you don’t have any relevant or any job experience, try to include some special courses to your resume. Remember what extra achievements you’ve got at university.


Creative CV 2017 format

Creative 2017 resume template

Creative CV format is the one of the most rarely used CV formats by job seekers, because it’s really hard to write or better say – create this type of resume. You have a good chances to win a competition using this type of resume format if you’re considering creative job positions.

What usually job seekers include, when choosing this type of resume:

  • Creative resume template – it’s a key to show how you can show information about yourself and the way you could organize information about yourself.
  • Designers and UI/UX developers are using this resume format to as the part of their portfolio to catch the hiring manager’s attention. The interesting fact – it works.
  • A new resume trend – is to write your resume in a storytelling manner.

Pros and Cons of Creative CV format 2017

Resume formats 2017 pros and cons

You’d better to use a creative CV format when:

  • You’re seeking for a creative job and would like to show your creative personality to your featured employer.
  • You heard something about the person, who’s going to consider your resume and you decided to impress he/she with an outstanding and impressive resume, showing your out of the box approach.

Don’t use this type of resume, when:

  • You’re aim to get the manager’s position in well known company and want to impress hiring managers. Don’t do it. If you’re so creative, be sure – they already know you and you have a special  area to show your creativity in this case – it’s your portfolio.
  • Hiring manager could not understand on how to read your resume and it’s a chance your resume would suddenly would be redirected to trash box.
  • Do not try to impress somebody, who would not understand you.

To be honest, it’s a little bit tricky game to use such resume 2017 templates, only because there are big chances – they could not be considered by the decision makers. So, it’s solely up to you.