Job search DO’s and DONT’s in 2017

Nobody know’s what’s you your goal and even you don’t know where you could be next few minutes and what are you going to do next or few months since now. But anyway, if you decided to find a good job this 2017 year, you need to be really prepared for this activity.

job interview tips 2017

Some friends, or maybe hiring managers could tell you that a job seeking process is not so hard as you could expect. Seems they are employed, right? And they can’t feel the same things you do now and they can’t remember that feelings. We don’t want to let you down, we just want you to cheer up. That’s why we want to share with you some tactics on what should you DO and what things you should avoid during your job search.

#1 DO – Create a strategy

Your resume 2017 is all you have or what you need to have if you decided to get your job this year. Nobody would to talk to you without a resume in your pocket. That’s why you need to be prepared for that situation.

Did you coped with your resume 2017 writing task? If not, you need to start with something, but seems like you are going to find some resume writing services, which would not guarantee you a high-quality service, but would cost you up to $150 per resume. Do you really need that? If you have that money – it’s up to you.

But we’re here to help you to write an outstanding resume on your own. Because in that way, you would not only save some money, but will create an outstanding resume. Follow our resume format 2017 guide and win.

So, seems like you have already coped with your resume and looks like you are ready for the next in your job search strategy.

And we talked about your plan:

  • Write a resume. Without resume – you have no chances
  • Define job search channels you will use: referrals, job ads portals. Facebook, etc.
  • Did you solve all the issues on your previous place of work?
  • Did you already decided what exactly position are you looking for?
  • Be prepared for a job interviews.

It’s a short list you need to look through, before you even decide to start you job search. It’s a bad practice to skip somethings. Be ready for that!

#2 DON’T – Ignore social networks to find an opportunity

You even can’t believe that Facebook in some cases would give you much more power when we’re talking about some interesting job opportunities. HR’s are looking for candidate, who would not only have some hard skills, but would always fit the corporate culture. And when we’re talking about a good place to understand who you are – facebook will get all i need now. That’s why keep you facebook profile clean and during an active job search, try to remove all the bad stuff or photos out of there.

#3 DO – Find professional HR’s

Stop talking to your friends, asking them to help you find the job you are looking for. Try to do it a little bit more professional way. Try to find out professional HR specialist in the field you would like to work. It would guarantee you a feedback about what should you improve in your resume and you would have a good chance to understand if you even could fit a desired position.
Also it’s a good idea to write to a professional recruiting agencies. They have their own databases and could help you to find a job you are seeking for.

#4 DON’T – Say bad things about your EX-BOSS

You should understand the main rule – NEVER write or say bad things about your ex-boss, even you would never meet him/her again. It’s not about “karma” – it’s more about what your interviewer will think and what decisions would they make about you. It’s better to say nothings instead of say some bad things and be involved into some tricky conversations.

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