Hybrid Resume Format 2017

When we are talking about the latest resume format – the best choice here is chronological resume format, which works the best for job seekers with a solid experience behind their back and could be the most useful. When we’re talking about the resume format, which could help you to stand out your hard and soft skills – functional resume format is the best option in this case.

alternative CV format 2017

It’s all about when you exactly know what kind of resume format you would like to choose to get the best result. But, when you would like to highlight both experience and skills in one resume, which one should you pick? Looks like we have answer for you. Hybrid resume format – it’s the best resume format for those, who would like to combine a solid career path and skills-set in their resume.

Hybrid resume format: Who should use

Freshers or entry-level specialists. When you can’t include experience block to your resume and show what you did and what is your professional level, but you have some expertise which you would like to show hiring manager. Also, if you have some hard skills and they are relevant to the position you were applied – it’s a good idea to add such skills.

Career Changers. When you are nice and well-paid specialist on a labor market, but suddenly you decided to change your career. In such ways, you need to think about resume format, which would works for you. And hybrid format is the best option in your case:

  1. You would save your career path, comparing to functional format.
  2. You could show transferable skills, you have gained on a previous places of working.
  3. You show that you are ready for changes and your experience is enough to solve any issues you could face.

Employment gaps. This is the one of the most tricky question hiring managers likes to ask during an interview. Using a hybrid resume format – you have a nice opportunity to hide such gaps in your resume. How? It’s not a chronological format and you can easily vague your resume with skills or achievements, which could even stand out your candidacy.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Resume Format

The main advantage of using this type of resume format is that you could easily combine your experience and skills you have got. Also, you could make your resume stronger by adding an achievements block to your resume.

The weakness of this resume format is that not all the hiring managers like it, because of the dates and responsibilities. So, if you are ready for such risk – use it.

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