How to GET THE JOB in 2017 – 7 Rules

We know how hard it could be to get the job you really want to land and we know how many job seekers are trying to find the place like a heaven. Yeah, it’s not an easy thing to do. First of all, because you don’t know who is going to scan your resume and what requirements for the vacant position.

HARD, but still possible. You should not to give up. Find your opportunity and start doing something. You could ask us, like “what could i do?” guys are so predictable. We knew, that you are going to ask us this question and decided to prepare a short to do list on how to try to get the job of your dreams.

resume 2017 rules

All you need to know to get the job in 2017

1. Change the way you think

The most common problem for the most of candidates is – they are not think the way hiring manager does. They still believe that hiring manager is only looking for their hard skills and seems like nothing more. It’s completely wrong! They are the same people as us, you and your colleagues. They are looking for the best candidate, who is going to be the best person and would fit all the requirement.

That’s way you need just to try to think like a recruiter. You know the position, you know the company and the last thing you need to understand is – Who is the best candidate to get desired position? Do you know? Try to understand that. Look at your resume, do you believe you have good chance to be considered to that position? If yes – do not hesitate. If no, try once again and tailor your resume.

2. Never give up

Sometimes, there are bad days and they could reject your candidacy. It’s a life, nothing special. You should never give up. It’s a part of your way to the desired position. If they said that your experience level is not enough to get this position, you need to have a plan B.

What is your plan B here? Now you know that you have lack of expertise in some area. You can try to apply you resume to some lower position to get more experience. And once you are ready, you can try once again. Now, you will have more chances to get the job you are looking for.

3. Expand you social media presence

To be a qualified specialist is not the only way to get the desired job, sometimes not the best people get the best positions. And that’s true. Just because they are somebodies friends, neighbors or part of the family.

You should not miss this opportunity. Try to attend professional event, some exhibitions, conferences, etc. Opportunities are everywhere, you just need to do enough attempts to get them. Do you have your LinkedIn profile already created or updated? If not, you miss a lot of opportunities daily or even hourly!

4. Constantly updated resume

You need to get this as a rule – update your resume with all the necessary information. Why do you need that to do on the monthly basis? Because when the time comes and hiring manager would ask you to provide your resume, you will not remember even a half of thing or projects you did.

At the end, you will miss something. Something important. Something what could help you to get the desired position this year.

5. Polished resume

You spent tons of time crafting your resume on your own or used one of the most common resume formats, but your resume doesn’t look attractive? It does not stand out from a crowd and hiring manager could miss it in her inbox.

It’s not good at all! You need to help your reader to keep your resume in their minds. That’s why we recommend you to use a professional resume templates 2017. It’s the best way to make your resume shine bright and let the hiring manager remember you!

6. Be professional

Even you hate your ex-employer, never tell that to anybody. You are professional, you are not guy, who is going to tell that to some other hiring managers during an interview. First of all – it’s unprofessional. Secondly – hiring managers usually asking tricky question during a phone interview. Don’t tell them all you think about your ex-employer.

7. Try all the approaches

Even there is no luck on the web. Nobody don’t want to call you back, or you feel that you are not the best candidate, you could try some other job search approaches:

  • Visit an office. Ask hiring manager and arrange a meeting with him or her;
  • Write to hr directly;
  • Visit company’s blog/website and try to find HR’s contact information;
  • Ask people who are working in the company if they know something about internship or vacant position.

Never give up, and you will get the job this year.

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