How to get a job after the age of 50

Looks like it’s unreal to find a job, when you are over the age of 50. To be honest, the task could be really hard and seems like it’s unreal. Why? Because many candidates of this age believe that hiring managers could make wrong decisions about them, even before the interview process is going to start. What should you do and what recommendations could be useful for you to get an interview? Or there are some other approaches on how to find a job in your case to get it? Today, we’re going to talk about it a little bit more and will provide you with some tips, which would help you to get an interview. And well passed interview it’s a half of the job done, So, do not give up and use your chance!

how to find a job after 50

You have the same chances as other candidates! Do it!

Step #1. The power of Social Media

Looks like you have never used social media and you are wondering, when some of your friends were invited for an interview a couple of days ago. And they got their jobs. How did they do that? Have you ever heared something about LinkedIn? It’s a professional network, which help thousands of people daily to get the job.

How it works

You should go through a registration form and confirm your registration via e-mail. After confirmation process you should start with developing your professional account. It’s a kind of professional resume builder, where you need to add your data and create a profile. Once you coped with this task – your profile is available for recruiters all round the world. And all you need to do is just wait for interesting opportunities.

How to boost your presence in LinkedIn

In cases like yours, when you are over the age of 50 and you are not public person or “influencer” – it’s a good idea to do some activities to increase your presence in the LinkedIn network.

How you could do that:

  • Join professional networks
  • Join professional groups, start to be a member
  • Volunteering
  • Discuss some issues or help people to solve some problem situations
  • Create and publish useful articles, according to your professional field.

Step #2. Resume Length

When you are over 50, it’s normal case when you can’t place all your places of work using one sheet of paper. It’s ok. But still, some candidates are trying to place all the information about them into their resume. It’s not a good plan, if you are going to use it.
Shorten your resume. Hiring manager doesn’t have too much time reading all your work experience for the last 25 years, According to the best practices – place only the last 10 years. It’s more than enough to understand who you are and what value you could bring to the company. Concentrate your attention on achievements and summary of qualifications – they would help them to understand what exactly value you could bring to their company.

Step #3. Talk to people

Communication. Nowadays, it’s another job searching approach which works. How many people do you know? How many of them have their own business? Are the owner or co-owners? What do you know about the people who you know?
Some of the questions above could be useful, moreover when you would have answers. Try to understand who around you, how they could help you. It looks like weird idea, but references is another recruitment channel which works.

Step#4. Dependency between money and experience

A huge problem each hiring manager face – wrong decision making and assumptions about older candidates. What is the main cause: Most of HR’s believe – the older candidate is, the more salary they expect to get.
It’s normal situation. And you should not afraid about this situation. Your main goal is to get an interview and your main goal is to get this interview. Be ready to name the numbers via phone, when HR would call you to ask your expectations.

Step #5. Technologies

The one of the most hot discussing question by all hiring managers. Some of them believe that it’s good idea to hire a person, which does not use modern technologies. Still, it’s a good practice to show what tools do you use daily or used on your previous place of work.

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