How to format resume according to resume rules 2017

Why they don’t call me?

Doesn’t matter who you are and how well you are, if you would like to get the job you dream on, it’s better to help your reader to catch attention on your resume, not on some other’s. So, how to stand out from the mass? How to win the competition and let hiring manager to give you a call? Let’s try to understand how to do that and what are the main resume rules 2017 you should keep to get employed.

Good resume would not give you a job, it would only increase your chances to do that. But, do you know that, hiring manager need on average 5-7 seconds to understand who you are and what are your chances to obtain vacant position. Our main goal today: to increase your chances to get the first phone call and to be invited for an interview. If you still think it’s an easy thing, you are really lost.

What are the main resume rules 2017

Let us provide you with some basic guidelines you should follow to write an outstanding resume that would bring you calls.

Follow the main resume rule. Don’t use strange and hard to read fonts.

Rule #1. Stop using weird fonts unless you’re designer or UI/UX designer. Hiring managers would not understand your willingness to use them. The best one’s are 12 point font size. If you need to use headings – use 14 points. Remember that your name should be the largest object of your resume. It should keep attention, so you could easily use 17-22 point’s only to write your first and last name.

Rule #2. Do not mix fonts. It’s really bad idea to use 2 or even more fonts when you’re writing your resume. First of all – it’s really hard to read for a hiring manager. Secondly – resume is the only one document hiring managers see, before they would make a decision to call you or not.

Rule #3. Stop bolding all your resume. Sometimes we faced some resume, where all the text is bold or italic. Stop doing that! If you would like to attract readers attention to some information in your resume – use bold text. If you don’t want to do it, let it be unbold.

Rule #4. Try to avoid underline smth in your resume. As you know, tons of recruiting agencies are using special software to scan resumes. In some cases underlined text could be recognised as something wrong.

Rule #5. Don’t use long sentences. Try to be concise and if you see that you can’t overwrite everything in one sentence, try to split it.


Here are just 5 main rule that would increase your chances to be invited for a job interview. If you feel that your resume is the best one, feel free to apply!

Next time we’d like to provide you with more interesting facts and resume rules 2017 on how to write an amazing resume.

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