Functional Resume Format 2017

Functional resume template 2017: Basic Rules

What is the main difference between the chronological resume format and functional resume in 2017? A functional resume template concentrates on a applicant skills more than on experience and the career path you got during the last N years. All the information in your resume is well-structured and divided on blocks, which makes the hole resume easy to navigate and read.

So what is the main value of functional resume format? First of all is would help you to highlight your professional experience from the different areas and show them in one place. It is also know as a skills based resume format, what means that your main value in specific skills you have and what exactly value you could bring to your potential employer. It’s opposite to what you can see in chronological format, because it downpay your expertise, but in the same raise your level as a candidate who know some areas really deep.

As we have already talked in your previous posts about resume formats 2017, the one of the most popular format is – chronological resume format. But functional resume is still used by million of people all round the world and help tons of job seekers to get employed.

Who should use a functional resume template:

  1. Fresh grads or Schools leavers without any specific qualification
  2. Those candidates, who has strong hard skills
  3. Employment gaps – the best choice is functional format
  4. Freelance or partial employment due to some personal circumstances
  5. Job changers (who are frequently changed their places of working)
  6. Volunteer workers, who would like to show their expertise using skills they have gained there
  7. Vague career path, without any achievements
  8. Too little work experience
  9. No specialty and you don’t know what field you would like to work in

Functional resume format 2017: Poses

  • It would help you to highlight the most strongest skills you have and show your potential employer your specialisation. If you feel that you have enough skills, but your career path is not impressive, functional resume is the best choice for you.
  • Another good thing is that you don’t need to include any irrelevant experience to your resume. The only one thing hiring manager needs is – your block with skills.

Functional resume format 2017: Cons

  • If your career path was great and you have impressive achievements in specific area, it would be hard to show in this resume format.
  • Long-term employment in one company? Try to choose chronological resume format.
  • This format does not reflect your employment dates on the positions you have been. So, so hiring managers could think that you are trying to hide something from them.
  • It’s hard to understand only by skills how well you are in other areas.

FREE to download functional resume examples

We have prepared the most viewed and downloaded functional resume templates 2017 in MS Word format. All you need to do is just download resume template and edit it the way you need to get the best results.

What blocks are better to include to functional resume 2017

  • Personal/Contact information
  • Achievements block
  • Skills block
  • Experience block
  • Education
  • References if needed

Before you are going to pick resume template, you should remember the next: your resume is a marketing document, which you need to reach the only one goal – to be invited for an interview and get employed. Be careful and pay attention to details, when you choose your resume format.

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