Find your job – Then write a resume

The one of the most common mistakes most of job seekers do – they start writing their resumes, before they really understand what kind of job they would like to get. And it’s not about the past, the same thing is about your resume 2017, you’re going to write today or tomorrow. Here is the one and the most important question you need to answer to yourself: “What job i’d like to get?”. After you’ll understand what job you’re looking for, it’s going to much easier to craft your resume for a specific position. As result, targeting your resume, you would get more chances to be considered and get an interview.

Resume 2017 how to tailor

What job would you like to get? Do you know it, before you start writing your resume?

How job portals could help you here

As we have already mentioned above, before you will start writing your resume, it’s really important to understand what job is right for you. Jobs could be different, but you also should understand what skills and knowledge’s they required. That’s why now we’re going to talk about how to understand what job could be not only interesting for you, but you would have great chances to get this job using a tailored resume format for a specific position.

The most common questions about the job

We are suggesting you to use the most popular job ads sites and learn more about each specialty and kind of skills you need to have to get this position. We have prepared a list of the most common question job seekers ask about new job and provide you a solution on how you could get all the information on your own, using the indeed job search.

tailor resume 2017 for a position

Look at job title to understand the requirements.

Position name (also known as a job title) – it’s the first you see, while reading any job ad. Some of them could be new for you, and some are well-know. Don’t hesitate to read more about some specialties you have never known, maybe you have enough skills to be considered on this position.





resume 2017 skills research

What skills you need to have to work on this position

Skills. It’s important to understand that you have no chances to get the job, if you don’t have required hard skills. Before you start writing your resume, make a research and figure out what skills are mostly required for the positions you are interested in.





Jobs salary estimates

Salary estimates for different positions

Salary. Salary depends on the position level and the field you’d like to work in. For example taxi driver would get less pay, compared to CFO in the international bank or in some other field.





How to prepare resume for relocation

What location is for you? Are you ready to relocate?

Location. You should know what kind of specialists are looking in you region. When you’ll get this information, you could understand what skills you have and which one you should improve to get the job you dream on.

When you understood what should you do with the job search website, it’s time to move to the search results. You have entered a search phrase and get a list of job ads. What should you do next? Open them one by one and read carefully to understand if you are qualify for this positions.

When you see that you find the position, you are 100% qualified for and this is what you were looking for – create a keyword list with skills and phrases. We will explain you why do you need it in our next post on how to optimize your 2017 resume.

So, we hope you already known what kind of job you would like to get and what kind of field it should be. Anyway, we hope it could be useful not only for those, who are looking for a new job, but for those, who are thinking about career change.

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