CV 2017 That Works

When it comes to searching searching for a new job, your CV 2017 could be a good ticket for a interview, which your potential employer could send you via e-mail or even call you and invite. Why it’s really important to follow the most common cv 2017 formatting rules to avoid cases, when your resume could be in bin pile in HR’s laptop. What should you do, to improve your chances and how you should write your CV this year?

Today we’re going to talk about what is good CV 2017 and how to help your hiring manager to make a right choice, inviting your candidacy for an interview. We have prepared the list of the most important resume writing rules, which could help you to land the job.  So, let’s have a start from the most important things you should do.

CV 2017 format

How to write CV 2017

Must fields in your CV 2017

We cant say that there are some special rules on how you should write your cv, but there are some blocks any cv must include. What are these sections you need to fill in:

  • Last Name | First Name
  • Contact information
  • Education block
  • Experience and qualification block
  • Achievements (summary section)
  • Hobbies (optional)

All these fields above are need to be included in your cv. Before you start writing it, it’s a good practice to plan what information are you going to add and how many.

How your CV looks like

The on of the most important thing, when we’re talking about cv structure is – how you place different blocks in your CV and what CV structure you chose. A good CV is always easy to read and should be one or two pages long.

There is another good tips here – the most important information should be at the top of you CV and should help your hiring manager to understand who you are as fast as it possible.

CV is not a poem – it’s a selling document

The main problem here is: When candidates start writing a CV, they usually think that they need to add as much information as it possible. It’s a wrong decision! Why? Because hiring managers are very busy people and they need to scan tons of resumes daily.

Writing too lang resume, you have chances to be the last, who they will consider from the pile of all the candidates on vacant position. Your CV should be concise and clean, reflect the most important information about you and your achievements. No more than two A4 pages.

Read job description carefully?

Stop applying for all the positions, only because you don’t have enough feedback from other employers. It irritates hiring managers when they see candidates, who are far away from the position they did apply for.

If you still would like to try your chances, it’s a good idea to send a cover letter and explain you potential employer why you are the best for this position. If you feel that you are weak candidate, you could explain why you have applied and what are your expectations.

Tailored CV 2017 – the best choice

Do you know what CV format works? Doesn’t matter which one, when we’re talking about CV tailored for a specific position, other candidates has no chances.

Why tailored resume is so powerful? Because you get your employer what they would like to read in your CV. To write a really good tailored CV in 2017 you should do next things:

  1. Read job description and try to use the same writing style in your CV
  2. Read company’s blog to understand what they do
  3. Use “special” words they wrote on their website

CV 2017 skills

There are two types of skills: hard skills and soft skills. And it’s very important to understand the difference between them to show your candidacy in the positive light.

Soft skills – are those, which you can’t measure.

Hard skills – knowledge’s, which you can measure.

Updated CV 2017

Usually all the candidates never update their CV’s after they did find their job. And it’s a very bad practice, because you can lose lots of interesting ideas, facts and milestone achievements.

Once in three months you need to update your CV with a fresh data. Even you can’t include such information in your CV – leave it there, you could easily find it there to edit.

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