Cover Letter 2017. HOW TO WIN

Looking for a new position? Seems like you have your resume already written and the last thing you need to do - is to find some job opportunities. It’s easy you can say and it’s nothing special here, all you need to do is to write an outstanding cover letter.
cover letter 2017

cover letter 2017. Are you ready to follow the rules?

But not all the thing will go smooth. Because even to write a nice cover letter 2017 – it’s a science. You need to know a lot about it to stand out from a crowd and win the competition this yes. That’s why today we’re going to talk about how cover letter could be a nice addition to your resume 2017 and get you more chances to get the job than you could even expect. Are you still hesitant? Continue reading our post and we will tell you a little bit more about how to win an invitation for an interview!

What a cover letter 2017 is about

Before you start applying for a job, you need to understand that a cover letter in this case is your best friend here. And you should concentrate all your efforts here to impress! Yes, to IMPRESS a hiring manager.

And you should understand that it’s not a magic – it’s a kind of wow factor for the most of hiring managers. We even heard some stats, which tell us that over 40% of HR’s were so impressed by a cover letter of some candidates and invited candidates without resume consideration. We do not believe to these numbers, but still believe that a cover letter is a good opportunity to double your chances to get an interview. So, you should not miss it.

Meanwhile, let’s try to understand what is the main purpose of a good cover letter:

  1. Good cover letter should tell you reader who you are;
  2. Tell your reader what exactly position are you applied for and why your candidacy is the best to fit that position;
  3. It should be really nice balance between the announced skills in job ad and skills you would have in your resume;
  4. Cover letter should encourage your reader to read your resume;
  5. It should not reflect your duties – it should help you to sell your candidacy.

Should my cover letter be long enough?

Oh, all the time we face the same questions on the web. Job seekers are asking HR experts about how long the CL should be. And how the cover letter could increase their chances to get the job.

STOP asking that questions. A cover letter should be not more that one page. Nobody wants to read an essay and spend too much time on you. And be ready for another reality – IF you can’t interest HR in ten seconds, while he or she is reading your cover letter, it means you did not interest them.

TAILORED Cover letter 2017

You should remember the main rule about cover letters – it should not be a template or the once written document, which you send to all the hiring managers.

If you would like to win a competition, your CL should reflect all your value and show you professional level and MUST be tailored for a specific position. It’s really important. In other case – you have no chances to get a job.

MAIN RULES. Writing a Cover Letter..

Cover letter 2017

Know your reader

The most interesting thing is that all the CL’s are more likely to read, if they would include te hiring manager’s name in first two sentences. What does it mean for them? It shows that you are really interested to get this position and it’s not a general sentences.

More keywords

Before you would start writing a tailored cover letter, you should remember about keywords in your resume and CL as well. The main idea here – to tailor keywords the hiring manager used in job ad with you cover letter.
How it works? The main idea is to let them understand that you know the terminology and able to tell them a little bit more not about yourself. They are more likely interested in your professional skills. And you should be ready to include them.

Small WOW effect

Show your involvement. Show them that you have already read some information about the company you are interested in. And you have some additional questions. And if they would like to invite you for an interview – you would tell them a little bit more information on how you could bring more value to the company.

2017 Cover Letter. TO include

Cover letter 2017

Contact details

You can apply to some positions even without any resume, only using a cover letter. Just to recce the situation and get more information about the current position. That’s why you should always remember to add your contact information. First and Last names and contact details are must attributes of your cover letter. Remember it – if you would like to get a call!

Who are you writing to

It’s normal situation, when cover letter is personalized. In that case it should include the name of the person you are writing to. In other case – it’s general and any HR could consider your resume. Keep it in your mind.

What exactly position you want to get

Know your job. This is the main rule of any resume and cover letter is not an exception here. When you are writing it, you should remember that you are not selling your candidacy to all the positions. You are looking to the one specific job. And you should write what exactly position you applying your resume for.

2017 Cover Letter. DO NOT include

Cover letter 2017

Grammar and spelling mistakes

Doesn’t matter if your are writing a resume or cover letter, you should twice check if it does not contain any grammar or spelling mistakes, If it does – you have less chances to have your CL even to be read till the end. SO – be patient and pay attention to that stuff.

Copy paste a resume

Cover letter is not a resume and not a career objective. And there is not need to include even a cut copy of your resume. You sell yourself and do it using a little bit another approach. Resume is for another job seeking process.

To personalized

Remember the only one thing and avoid the main mistake the most candidates do, writing a cover letter. It’s not about YOU, it’s about what value you aim to bring and why they should consider your candidacy on this position. So, no need to put “I” everywhere. They will understand if your are the best from the best.

At the end, we tried to write some good advices on how you can improve your chances to write a brilliant cover letter 2017. And we would like to wish you a good luck in your job search this year!

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