Combination resume format 2017

Year to year many job seekers are looking for different resume writing approaches in resume formatting. Their main goal is to write and outstanding resume 2017 and win the competition this year! That’s why today we’re going to talk about another resume format, which works better for some candidates and brings more interview invitations.

Combination resume template 2017

How the best combination resume template looks like in 2017

So, if you are hesitant which resume template to pick: chronological resume format or functional resume format – this post is right for you. As you know both chronological and skills-based resume format are the most popular resume formats in US, but there is one more resume format, which could be interesting for you – combination resume format 2017 (also know as Hybrid resume format)

Combination resume examples 2017

As you already know, functional resume template is for people, who would like to highlight their skills more than experience level. Chronological for those, who would like to show their career path.

Combination is the resume 2017 format, which would help you to solve both of the problems above. It would not only highlight your skills andalso show your relevant experience and last places of working – it’s the best choice from the other resume 2017 formats.

Job seekers, who would get more chances using this resume template:

  • Employment history is weak, and you don’t have strong skills to show in your resume
  • Fresh graduates and school leavers (who used to have some places of working before)
  • Candidates, who decided to do a career changes
  • Entry level candidates
  • Candidates, who decided to re-enter job market

Combination resume format 2017: How to write in hybrid style

What is the main advantage of hybrid resume format? First of all – it’s flexible and allows you to include any information you need. There are no any rules on what you can add there or can’t. It’s a “free” format.

But, if you would like to achieve the best result, let’s try to understand how your resume should be crafted to get the best result. There is one small secret, and this secret is your career summary. When you are using combination resume, summary block is one of the most important. It should emphasize your key achievements and show hiring manager your attitude to work.

Combination resume layout 2017

  1. Personal information – you should include your First Name and Last Name at the top of your resume template. Remember to include phone number and e-mail address. It should be easy to find block, if HR would need to find in quickly.
  2. Education sector – some job postings includes specific education. If you are going to apply for such job ads, check if your resume include education block.
  3. Awards and Certificates – as we have already talked before, it’s a free template and if you would like to add more information about you, which could bring value to you as a candidate, it’s a good time to place them into your resume.
  4. Skills. They should not be the main block of your resume, because we’re not writing a functional resume. But it’s a good practice to place a skills block somewhere in the middle.
  5. Achievements. You should concentrate them more in your summary block, but still if you have some information to place in this block, it’s a good practice.
  6. Work experience – It’s really important to add this block to your resume. If HR would like to clarify any information, you should give them such ability.

Combination resume template 2017: Pros and Cons

Hybrid resume advantages

  • You you don’t have impressing work history, hybrid resume would help you to highlight your skills without focusing on some specific areas of expertise.
  • If you want to change a career field, this resume format is the best for you.
  • If you career path was not brilliant, this resume format would help you to hide some employment gaps or would show your candidacy in the most positive light.

Hybrid resume disadvantages

  • If you are job-changer, this resume format is not for you.
  • It’s hard to apply for a positions, which are not relevant. And only skills would not help you to get the job.
  • Before you will apply for any position, you should remember that resume format you chose, play a crucial role in the consideration process. If you hesitate about resume format, feel free to use some of them and try which would work better.

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