Resume Tips 2017 to Follow

How do you think, using e-mail address like or alike in your resume 2017? We do believe that you would say “NO”. And you would be right about that. We can’t say you can’t do that, but we 100% can say that professional hiring manager would better move to another candidate, whose fantasy and professional level a little bit higher.

best resume tips 2017

What tips you should follow to get the job in 2017

How do you think, when the hiring manager start scanning your resume, what do they start with? It’s easy – usually they need up to 20 seconds for resume scanning and skim reading. After they cope with part number one, it means that you are interesting candidate and it a reason to spend more time trying to understand who are you and what you can do. Looks like you are good candidate and seems like hiring manager is about to move your resume to “to invite for an interview” pile, BUT:

  • Your e-mail address is – are you serious?
  • It’s unable to read 8pt font you used in your resume.
  • Typing mistakes. Oh, seems like everybody knows how to use spell checker extensions in your browser or MS WORD.
  • References? What was the last time you updated your resume, 90’s?

And many more mistakes which you can do in your professionally written resume, which would decrease your chances to get a job. That’s why we would like to share with you the most common mistakes you should avoid, writing your resume 2017. We collect them using different sources and we’d like to say “Thank you!” to all of HR’s who helped us.

1. Use professional e-mail account

Remember – if you’re not looking for a creative specialty, using a professional (not funny/cute) e-mail address is a must thing you should do. Too many candidates were declined, because their account name was really stupid or looked unprofessional. It’s like a red light for a hiring manager if they see e-mail names like that. The best solution here is to use your first and last name. Like:

2. Proofread before you send your resume

Interesting fact is – tons of candidates are even do not check their resumes for spelling/grammar mistakes. It’s another huge problems hiring managers face on the daily basis. And it’s another red flag or “minus” points for your resume.
What or how you can solve this problem? Before you send your resume in 2017, check it twice or dive somebody to proofread it. Other person would more likely to finds some mistakes in your resume. And if you are alone and nobody wants to help you, there are some really useful tools, which could help you to proofread your resume.

3. Unprofessional photo

Many job seekers think that they could include any photo to their resume. And it’s wrong if you think so as well. Your resume 2017 should show your professional skills and achievements at first and only then – how you look. BUT there are still some candidates, who can add bikini photo to their resume or selfie from party,

4. Voicemail – sounds well?

Do you have a voicemail on your phone? And it’s already installed? Do you remember what was recorded there? NO? Seems like it’s a good time to check it before a hiring manager would hear that.
Another good advice – never leave your home number if you’re not living alone or you’re not sure your roommates would take the phone and will be polite.

5. Unprofessional template

There are tons of different resume templates around the web. But you decided to find “the best one” with pink or aggressive colors to attract hiring manager’s attention. It’s a good approach, but in some cases it doesn’t works.
Sometimes, at the end of the day HR is tired and is not ready for “superman” resumes with bright colors. That’s it’s important to not overwhelm your reader with colors.


We hope believe that you’re smart candidate and you would read all these tips above to avoid such mistakes, writing a resume. We hope you’ll get your job in 2017 and your resume would be awesome!

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