A resume in 2017. What is that?

Any resume is a marketing document, which would help you to sell yourself in the most effective way and for the highest price. That’s why you need to pay much more attention to what are you going to write there and what positioning will you have there.

At the same time, a 2017 resume – it’s a mix of your education, keywords, achievements, hobbies and many more things. All this information is nothing, if it’s not presented to the reader the way it must be presented. We mean a professional resume.

Types of resumes in 2017

As you already know, there are some the most common resume types you could easily find on the web. They are easy and tailored for specific candidates, based on your level of expertise, achievements, personal information, etc. So, based on how you built your career path, you could use such resume formats like: chronological, functional and combination. They are all the resume formats, but each of them has it’s own specific details.

Each resume type is unique. And we suppose, you are trying to understand which one you should choose and which one would cover all your needs? It’s not an easy thing, but still, it’s possible to understand which resume 2017 format should you use. As you know, the main goal of any resume – is to help you to be invited for an interview. And you need to all you can do to get a call.

And you could ask us, which resume format is right for you? Are there any differences between the formats of resume in 2017? And what should you do in different cases? We knew that, we knew that you would face all this questions and decided to prepare all the answers about how to choose the resume format in 2017.

What is resume structure in 2017

There is no specific resume structure or common structure for any resume. Each structure – is a resume template and resume format you decided to pick to start it writing. No specific rules on how it must looks like.

Some candidates prefer to include a cover letter before, some do believe that resume must be two or more pages, to include all the information about yourself. But to be honest, one-page resume format is the best.

So, there are no specific rules. You decide how your resume should be.

Do you need a cover letter?

We can’t say that a cover letter is the most important part of any resume in 2017. Yes, it’s really important if you have already prepared a tailored resume and you 100% sure that position you is the best for you.

But still, we suggest you to concentrate on your resume template and resume content. Create your document interesting.

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