7 Resume 2017 Format Rules

The main value of any resume format is to get you an interview

Resume rules 2017

How resume format 2017 could help you to get an interview

We do believe it’s a huge mistake, when job seekers think that resume is the document which represent their activities and expertise in past. We still think that the main purpose of any resume is to get you to an interview. Your resume is like a keys for you vehicle – or you can open the door or you need to find another key, which would solve you this problem. The same thing is about resume.

Writing a resume 2017, you need to focus not only on your past activities, but more on value you can bring to your future employer. And it’s really important to sell your candidacy as well as you can. That’s about how well you could not only to list your main responsibilities and skills, it’s more about how well you could transfer them into easy to read document, which could be a great ad for you candidacy.

Do not include boring information, try to sell yourself the best you can.

You have up to 10 seconds to catch your reader

Resume rules 2017

You have up to 10 seconds to attract HR’s attention

What do you know about hiring managers? Have you ever header about how much resumes do they read daily and how do they sort them? We guess – you don’t. Now we would like to tell you one crucial fact – on average hiring manager need up to 10 seconds to SCAN, not to read your resume.

That’s where professional resume format 2017 could help you to solve your problems. Why? Because professionally made resume templates are created to solve the main problem – to increase hiring manager’s scan time and to attract their attention to the most important blocks in your resume. It’s a good idea to pick some templates and try to create your unique resume.

Remember to follow the most common resume 2017 formatting/spelling tips like:

  • Check your resume for grammar mistakes
  • Not more than 2 pages resume template
  • Use proper resume format, according you professional level and expertise

HR’s are not reading the whole resume, they scan it. It’s your time interest them and get a call.

Check twice before you send your CV for a contact details

You could find it a little bit weird, but some candidates forget to include their contact details to their resumes. Weird, but it’s a fact. Assumingly 5% of candidates did not include e-mail or any contact information to their resume.

So, we would like you to check twice, before you will send you resume. What information you should check: First Name, Last Name, e-mail, phone number, LinkedIn status or Facebook if needed.

Be ready if they would ask you to share your social profiles.

Resume summary with achievements

We saw tons of resume with the most common mistake, when candidates included summary and objective at the same time. It’s very bad practice, when we are talking about professionally written resume 2017.

According to the latest resume writing trends, it’s more than enough to include only summary in your resume, but it should bring value to your potential employer. How to write good resume summaries, you can read here.

Any summary should bring valuable information to the reader. The good practice is to add figures and percents. Show facts, not just general phrases.It’s very useful and would help you start you dialogue during an interview.

Show real facts in your resume 2017 summary and get a call.

Show your career path

resume rules 2017

It’s important how you grew up as a specialist

The most important resume block is you “experience” block and you should bring more attention to write it in the most positive light. When we’re talking about career path – it a good practice to show hiring manager how you grew up and what you have achieved when you obtained different positions.

What resume 2017 format could help you here? Without any doubts – it’s reverse-chronological resume format. Using this resume writing format, it would be much easier to show your potential employer where you worked and what expertise and in what fields you have gained.

Doesn’t matter who you are, show how did you grow up.

Highlight the most important information in your cv 2017

There is one main rule in resume writing – The more important information is, the more attention it should attract. As we have already talked in our post – recruiters are busy people and it’s very important to help them separate more important information from other blocks in your resume.

Less important information like your hobbies, certificates, marital status and so on, should be placed at the end of your resume.

Use only the best resume formats 2017 and get an interview.

Avoid vague information and buzzwords in 2017

More and more candidates are using vague phrases to dilute their resumes. According to some researches, it works with applicant tracking systems. But it doesn’t work, when HR start reading it.

It’s better to use one-page resume format without any vague phrases and well-written resume, that two-pages of mess.

It’s better to write less and to get more instead.

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