26 DO’s and DONT’s Resume 2017 List

Each candidate did it once in his/her life, because it’s all about resume. And it’s not only about how to write an outstanding resume in 2017, it’s more about how to avoid mistakes and increase your chances to get a call. Before you start reading this article, we want to warn you that there are no something special inside. There are only some well-known facts, which were rounded up to make your resume writing process in 2017 much more easier an effective.

By the way, if you are considering some resume writing services or already used to try some of them, you will be surprised. Why suprised? Because some resume writing companies providing a PDF checklist with all this suggestion below. It’s like a good BONUS for those people, who had never paid for their resume, but still they would like to get something for FREE! So, that’s your lucky day!

Resume 2017 – Experience Section

#1. DO Relevant Experience – Highlight it.

resume 2017 tips

Before you even start writing your resume, you need to understand and write down some sentences showing off you most relevant experience. Something where you are the best. Once you have coped with that task, you need to concentrate on that skills and relevant level of expertise.
Now, your main task is to let the hiring manager understand that you are the best candidate. If resume was tailored enough and you know what you want – you have got a good chances. Another good advice – highlight the most important parts of your experience section, the way the hiring manager could easily find it and read. It should be easy to find and read.

#2. DON’T panic even there is not enough experience behind your back

resume 2017 tips

There are some situations, when you find interesting job ad and seems like you are the best candidate for announced position, BUT..Reading it once again, you start understanding that you have not enough specific knowledges in some area.
Understanding all this situation, job seekers usually making wrong decision – they are moving to other job ad, trying to find some other, MORE relevant ads. But, it’s not the good idea. You should not give up. If you feel, that you have some chances to try, submit your resume to application form and send a letter to a hiring manager asking for more details.
It could not only help you to understand who are they looking for that position, but would also let them consider your candidacy more deeply.

#3. DO optimize resume for ATS

resume 2017 tips

We hope you already know what does ATS mean. If not – Applicant Tracking System. The main idea of engineers who developed such systems is not to track you, but make hiring managers life much easier and organized.

But, what does it mean for you, as for a job seeker? Hmm..it’s means that your job searching process is going to be a little bit harder. And it’s not because of hiring manager, it’s more about applicant tracking software, which is going to put your resume through some linguistic algorithms.
How does ATS work? It’s a special software, which helps hiring manager to sort candidates by relevance. Inside the core of any ATS – a keywords. Once you have already applied your resume, ATS scans it for relevant keywords, related to the job ad published by HR. If your resume contains enough keywords or phrases – you are in a “potential candidates” pile. If not – you are in a trash pile. Easy and effective. That’s why you should always optimize your resume 2017 for ATS systems.

#4. DON’T use job ads wording in your resume

resume 2017 tips

This is special note for those candidates, who are tailoring their resumes in wrong way. Instead of rephrasing some words or requirement’s they are adding the same sentences from the job ad description into their resume.

It’s the biggest mistake you could do. Maybe your resume would be approved by ATS, but you should understand that each resume is readed by a hiring manager. And what do you think HR will do, when he or she would read their own sentences in your resume? In most cases such resumes are going to trash pile. Don’t do that mistake, leave it for other candidates.


resume 2017 tips

Maybe you have already heard about that, but resume with quantified achievements will get you more calls from a hiring managers.And it’s not something mysterious, it’s real fact. If you want to impress hiring manager, you need to know how to transfer your achievements into easy numbers.
Hr’s don’t want to read much. You are not only one candidate, there are tons of them in their mailbox. BUT not all of them attract enough attention to be moved to the next consideration step. And the one reason of that – they didn’t SELL their candidacy well. And you should not do their mistake.
IMPRESS. It’s the main word here. How you can do that? Quantifying your achievements. Hiring managers don’t have enough qualification to understand how big fish you are. Help them to understand that. Show what you achieved in numbers.

#6. DON’T include secret data

resume 2017 tips

Some candidates include information, which mustn’t be published in resume. The main problem here – it’s violation of NDA. Some candidates doing that, trying to impress hiring manager or the person who will make a decision.

But you can’t understand the main rule here – they could invite you for an interview not only because you are the best candidate. They need to get more information from you if you worked on competitor. Be really careful here!

#7. DO – Include soft skills

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Writing a resume, you could probably think that soft skills are not so important, compared to hard skills. And you probably think that hiring managers never pay attention to them, because it’s not as important as hard skills.

It’s not right! Soft skills are important to include to your resume. Even if you decided to use not a functional resume format. Hiring managers are not looking for robots, they are looking people. And if you have great communication skills – it’s a good idea to show such information in your resume.

#8 DON’T include obvious information

resume 2017 tips

It’s really funny, when you are reading resumes and face some skills like: MS WORD, able to work in Ethernet, Explorer..and other skills like that. STOP doing that, it’s unprofessional to include such information to your resume.

Hiring manager would think that you are from 90’s or really outdated person. Do you really need it? PLUS – we imagine what are they going to say, when see something like that in your resume. It’s going to be something like: “OMG, did you see that?”

#9. DO. Show your awards or accomplishments

resume 2017 tips

It’s cool, when you are reading a resume and you understand that this candidate is good enough..and you are doubting. Doubting because a resume was good enough, but there was nothing about the candidate. Something interesting about him or her, something what could tell you a bit more about what they achieved or what are their hobbies or something else.

Not all the candidates can include something interesting and brag on something. But if you have something interesting (really interesting) to say to your reader – don’t hesitate. It could be a couple of sentences, but not more. There is no need to write an essay. How acomplisments should be written in your resume – read more here.

#10. DON’T add all your hobbies

resume 2017 tips

There is one common rule which is better to follow. You don’t need to include all the skills you gained in high school or college. Hiring manager doesn’t care about your basketball or baseball skills.
But it’s a good practice to show some related to work hobbies. For example – if you are IT specialist and you like robots or take part in creation or programming some parts for them, it’s a good idea to include these details to your resume.

#11. DO Add keywords to your resume

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Do you still believe keywords means nothing in your resume? You are wrong. When we’re talking about ATS systems – keywords is the only factor, which could help you to get a call. So, pay enough attention to that question.

#12. DON’T Pay attention to not important experience

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In case when you have enough experience in some field and you understand that you can show something in your resume. In that case – there is no need to pay much attention to some jobs you did at university or in a high school.

If you worked as a waiter or babysitter, you should not pay much attention to that. Only in case, if you would like to continue doing that and you are looking for that job.

Read more about how to write your experience section in 2017 resume.

#13. DO show different roles in one company

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There are lots of cases when some candidates moving around different roles within one company. It’s normal situation and you should be ready to answer tricky questions during the interview. BUT before they will invite you for an interview, you need to know how what should you do in cases like that and how to organize all this experience and responsibilities across the one page resume.

#14. DON’T hide employment gaps

resume 2017 tips

Using a chronological resume format, some candidates still trying to hide some employment gaps in their resumes. It’s a good thing that you understand that employment gaps – is not good, but at the same time, experienced hiring manager could easily understand what’s wrong with a chronology in your resume. And it’s going to be an epic fail. So, if you decided to use chronological or combination resume format, don’t even try to conceal gaps in your employment history.

BUT, if you decided to choose functional resume format, it allows you to do some tricky things. They are not obvious even for experienced hiring manager. So, it’s a good chance for those – who would like to hide something.

#15. DON’T lie in your resume

resume 2017 tips

You can stand out your resume from a crowd, adding some big companies to your resume or add some hard skills you don’t have. BUT it’s a really tricky game. First of all, all the hiring manager will check the information about your candidacy. They can easily call to your ex-employer to double-check the information about you.

The second reason – it’s easy to understand if you lied when added level of your hard skills. Doesn’t matter how you are – it’s easy to understand, when after hiring manager, you’re going to talk with a real specialist who will understand that you are not so good as you wrote in your resume.

Making your resume stand out

#16. DO use one page resume format

resume 2017 tips

You even can’t imagine how many candidates are passing through a consideration process of an average hiring manager. And there are some interesting numbers like: an average HR spend up to 10 seconds to understand if the candidate is interesting for them or not. If he/she need to spend more time to clarify some information or push the resume to trash folder?

You resume must be concise. It’s not because you have nothing to talk about yourself – it’s because you need to attract HR’s attention. When you will be invited for an interview or would get a call – you would have a great chance to tell more about you and interest a potential employer.
The best solution for you here is a one page resume 2017 format. It’s a resume format, designed especially for those cases – when you need to include only the most relevant and catchy information about your candidacy.

#17. Don’t Overload your resume

resume 2017 tips

The one of the most often problems hiring managers face is – too much information placed at one page of your resume. Seems like you understood that one page resume is a great option for you, BUT it doesn’t mean that you need to place everything there.

AND when you tried to place everything to one page, suddenly you noticed that it’s not possible to place there. Heh, it’s not a problem, seems like we need to use 8pt or less font. And that’s where the problem starts..

Hiring managers don’t want to read your resume, because you can’t understand what information is the most important for them to read and leave only that information.

#18. DO Use creative resume templates

resume 2017 tips

Maybe you heard about some cases when creative resume template is not a good option, because a hiring manager need to spend extra efforts to understand what’s there and it’s not the common resume format..Yeah, there are some issues with that, but still resume is a marketing document, which will land you to a good job and that’s what you should keep in your mind.

So, who should try a creative resume format: designers, UX or UI specialists, marketing specialist, etc. Feel free to get some inspiration on how to create an outstanding resume layout 2017 here.

#19. DON’T Try to invent your own design

resume 2017 tips

Some candidates, who would like to make their resume stand out – trying to create their own design solution. At the final result – they are really hard to read and not possible to recognize by ATS system. No need to do that, try to use those, which were already created by professionals.

#20. DO Start from the resume format

resume 2017 tips

When you understand that you have enough data to write an outstanding resume, it’s a good time to think about how you are going to pack all this information in your resume. What information is better to highlight and what information is better to conceal? What hiring manager want to see in your resume at first?

All these questions about what resume 2017 format are you going to pick now. It’s inportant to understand that resume format is very important – because using right resume format you can increase your chances to get an invitation for an interview. Don’t know where to start? Read or detailed resume guide 2017.

#21. DON’T do experiments with fonts

resume 2017 tips

When a resume was already chosen, it’s a good time to think about polishing it. What do we mean, when we say to polish your resume? We mean such activities like double check any grammar mistakes you could face or some spelling mistakes or do some experiments with spaces.
You need to understand that there is no need to do experiments with some custom fonts or colors in your resume. Why? Simply because you could face some issues with an ATS systems. They could easily not recognize you resume and will put it into trash pile, instead of HR’s inbox.

#22. DO Dates and Times (Right Alignment)

resume 2017 tips

It’s a good comment for those candidates, who would like to use chronological or mixed resume format. When you crafting your resume, you need to remember that it must be easy to read. Whenever you do it – keep it in you mind.

So, the easiest way (and the most common way) on how to format dates and places in your resume – right alignment. You place a job title and responsibilities on the left side, but location and dates are to right.

#23. DON’T Use much buzzwords

resume 2017 tips

Writing your resume, you should remember that it’s a still marketing document and you don’t need to lose your chance to sell yourself. That’s why when some candidates using too many buzzwords in their resume it looks a little bit weird and “unnatural”.

Still if you would like to use some buzzwords, you need to add them across the whole resume. Do not place them all at one place or near skill section.

After resume 2017 is already written

#24. Ask Somebody to proofread your resume

resume 2017 tips

When your resume is already written – it doesn’t mean that the job is almost done. It’s a good the for resume “polishing”. We write about that – let your friends or colleagues proofread your resume. Let them ask you some questions to understand what did you mean or if there are some non-logic things there.

Be open to give you resume to your friends or HR’s (maybe you know somebody) to proofread. It’s a good practice for all the job seekers to polish your resume.

#25. Don’t Forget to Spell Check

resume 2017 tips

The one of the biggest mistakes you could do – to send your resume with a grammar or spelling mistakes. Some hiring managers would not even read your resume if they would find some spelling mistakes.
Spend a little bit more time to check it twice, before you will send it to a hiring manager.

#26. DO – Create an initial resume

resume 2017 tips

Why do you need that resume? Because you simply need to have a source to create a tailored resumes. Read more about how to tailor a resume right way.

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