16 Resume 2017 Mistakes to Avoid

To find a good candidate is not a hard job, as most hiring managers says.
To find the best candidates - you need to be one step ahead and work hard.

As you understood, hiring managers are really busy people. Sometimes they don’t have even time to talk with their colleagues, family or friends. All the time they are trying to find the best candidates, who will fit their positions the best.

And the most interesting fact is that in some situations – this HR’s hardworking is good for the job seeker. You could ask us why? Because they could miss you in the crowd of other candidates. Up to 10 seconds – time for screening a candidate resume. If you are not the best – you are in the trash pile.

According to the all written above and recent letters we received from some job seekers, we decided to prepare a list of resume 2017 mistakes you need to avoid, writing your resume. We hope, it would help you not only make your resume look more professional, but would increase your chances to be invited for an interview.

Resume 2017 Mistakes to Avoid

Short-term employments

resume 2017 mistakes

The one of the most often mistakes all the job seekers do – include such jobs to their resumes. Now we’ll try to explain you why it’s not the best idea and what and how HR manager think when they see such jobs in your resume.

First of all – if it is a project for a specific period of time or freelance, it’s ok. You can easily explain that to your potential employer. BUT if they hired you and you left your job in 1 or 2 months – it’s not a good sign.
Why? Easily. Maybe you were not able to pass the trial period. Or maybe your professional or personal skills were not outstanding? Hm..we dont know. Do you really want the next HR think the same way? We don’t think so.

So, if your employment periods are less than 3 months – it’s better to exclude them from your resume.

Personal Photo

resume 2017 mistakes

Another huge mistake candidates do – including their photos to resumes. Nobody can ask you to attach photo to a resume, excluding cases when it really requires (actors considering or some other position, where your face is the part of requirements).

Weird resume formatting

resume 2017 mistakes

If you still believe that weird or glamorous fonts in your resume could help you to attract more HR’s attention to your resume in 2017, you are completely wrong. And it’s not because it’s not attractive, it’s because you need to pay more attention to your resume structure.

Comic fonts, cartoon heroes, stars…it’s not the best idea! Just remove all that trash from your resume. Pay more attention to your resume format.

Salary in your resume

resume 2017 mistakes

We saw too many candidates who included salary in their resumes. It’s not a good way to do and there are some reasons we are going to explain why.

The first one – if you include your hourly rate, HR could easily don’t understand you and will think that you are looking for temporary job, not full-time.

The second – salary is solely interview question. And it’s better for you to discuss it with HR.

So, better to remove salary from your resume.

Boss’ name in your resume

resume 2017 mistakes

There is no need to include your boss’ name in your resume. You even don’t know what he or she could tell about you after you will quit the company. The only one reason to include your boss’ name into your resume, if he or she is really impressive person and reader will be WOW’ed after will see it.

Non-personal contact information

resume 2017 mistakes

Stop including your business e-mails or phone numbers in your resume if you don’t want to be laid off immediately. And if they would forgive you that, it’s unprofessional. You are seeking for a new job, not your current employer. So, please remove all the business phone numbers and e-mail from your resume.


resume 2017 mistakes

When the HR see phrase “references available upon request” – he or she understand that it is not professional resume and it was written by an amateur. This phrase is completely outdated. DO NOT include it to your resume.


resume 2017 mistakes

The truth is – nobody cares about your hobbies.

It’s better to save this space in your resume for more relevant and worthfull information. Even HR would like to ask you about your hobbies, he or she will do that during an interview. Nobody read that in your resume, because on that stage they don’t need it.

Past jobs in present tense

resume 2017 mistakes

Describing your jobs, you need to remember the main rule:

Present tense – for CURRENT JOB only.

Past tense – for your PREVIOUS experience.

Never do this mistake, because it’s important to follow this rule.

Reasons why you left a company

resume 2017 mistakes

It’s not the best idea to include information, when you trying to explain your potential employer why you decided to left the company, even before you were invited for an interview. You reduce your chances to be invited and it’s not professional. What if your ex-employer would see it?

If you want to explain all this information, you have a good chance to do that during an interview.

Buzzwords in resume

resume 2017 mistakes

Stop telling them how good communicator you were or how goal-oriented you are. Show them numbers in your resume. If you were so good, are there any numbers, which could prove your results? Could you please share them with your reader, so they could understand how big fish you are and if you worth something?

Age in resume

resume 2017 mistakes

If you don’t want to be discriminated by age, it’s a good idea to remove it from your resume. No HR would write it in job ads and could not ask you to tell them your age even during an interview. So, why do you need to include it to your resume? Just to reduce your chances to get the job? It’s not good option for you!

Irrelevant job experience

resume 2017 mistakes

If you want to win the game – the best option for you is to tailor your resume. If you just want to lose everything at the moment – include not relevant job experience to your resume and put the desired job title.

If you still believe they will call you – don’t miss you time. Instead of doing that mistakes, you’d better concentrate on your CV format and spelling/grammar mistakes, if any.

Unprofessional e-mail

resume 2017 mistakes

It’s the same feeling, when you are talking to an old man: “hey, boy”. Or would you share with your dad your e-mail, which name is “sweetbabyXX”? It’s amazing, but there are still some personalities, who can’t understand that e-mail must looked professional, not stupid.

Specific words or jargon

resume 2017 mistakes

Maybe in your company, it was ok, when you say “BLABLA” and you meant – KPI’s. But HR or your future employer could not understand you. Because they don’t know what you meant under your jargon. Writing a resume – you need to be clear to understand by other people. Remove any specific words. If you would need to tell more about them, you would have a great chance to do that during an interview.

Too much “water”

resume 2017 mistakes

Writing a good resume is science. You need to know that hiring managers are busy people, any each time you coerce HR to read the information once again and again – you just loose your chances even to be considered.

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